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Anniversary presents.

So I started the tradition when we first got married to actually attempt to find both a traditional and modern wedding anniversary presents for my wife. Of course the Internet being so full of wonderful information (sarcasm) has a few conflicting ideas as to what those gifts are. Some of the years are fairly consistent such as paper the first year. ( I bought her a comic book 😉

So this year we learned that the traditional gift was either copper or wool, and the modern interpretation of that is a desk set or something office related. Now my wife is a smart lady and has not only her BA degree in astrophysics but also a PhD in space and planetary science. But she never had her degrees framed so that was my gift to her this year for the desk set part. I tried to look for a diploma frame made out of copper only apparently they don’t exist. I thought about making one but then I realized I have no real skill when it comes to welding. So we found a nice cooper colored wood frame instead and I got those framed and will hang them eventually.

And then I bought her a outdoors clothes line dryer. Hey, it covers the wool part, and it’s romantic so shut up. I don’t want to hear anything about it. If you want to be helpful you can give me suggestions for next year http://www.findgift.com/Anniversary-Table/