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It’s been 11 years, feels like 16.

Today is Katie and mines anniversary. We have been married for 11 years although we were together the 5 before that hence the funny title. I thought this post would be better for last year but like most things in my life currently, everything seems to be last minute. 

I love her oodles and I love our kids and I love our lives together. She is amazing. 

And here are some funny things that have changed in those 16 years. 

Top 5 songs on the radio in 1999

1 “Believe” Cher

2 “No Scrubs” TLC

3 “Angel of Mine” Monica

4 “Heartbreak Hotel” Whitney Houston featuring Faith Evans and Kelly Price

5 “…Baby One More Time” Britney Spears

Top five songs on Spotify in 2015


Top movie of 1999 – Toy Story 2

Top movie of 2015 – looks like it might be Inside Out. Guess some things don’t change. 
What Apple announced in 1999 – iBook

What Apple made a bazillion dollars from in 2015 – Apple Watch

A Month of Thankfulness – My Wife

Yeah I know it sounds a little cheesy but I am thankful for my wife.

Everyday I experience new ways of being thankful for her being with me in this life. I am thankful she is kind and patient. I am thankful she is superwoman when it comes to taking care of the kids, the house, the finances, the everything. I love that she is forgiving. I love that she laughs at my jokes as everyone else says no one should. I love this as much as we grouch, or fight, or get angry with each other some days, we still love each other.

I am amazed when I  think about incredible amount of work she does on a daily basis. Our two kids, a household, a NASA science researcher, a Jamberry small business, an ADPi advisor, and yes even a wife. I really could go on with line after line and cliche and cliche about everything that is so amazing about this person. It really just comes down to this.

She is everything.

So as I come towards the end of this time of reflection, I think there is no question what I a most thankful for.


Take that gender stereotypes

So a nice quiet Saturday afternoon and Katie and I decided to be productive. First we take a bunch of old stuff to goodwill and then we come on home. Now Katie has been on a tech kick for a bit and decided to buy some Nest thermostats. Tara has been a bit antsy today and saying she was bored so I decided she needed some special daddy daughter time so we spent the afternoon baking chocolate chip cookies while Katie installed all the Nests.
So if that says anything about husband and wife roles in society, it says I like cookies more then technology.

And then Norah peed on us.
Now it’s definitely time for cookies.

My wife is superwoman

Ok. So I obviously love my wife and think highly of her. Today however she reminded me of all those reasons why. She gave birth to our second daughter, Norah. I am amazed. There is such a presence she has as a mother. It is both powerful and calming. To our littlest one she is the whole universe. Katie handles this responsibility with grace and charm. I love her. And that’s all I have to say about that.


Put in oven at 375 and wait 9 months

While driving home from the baby’s first doctor appointment..

Wife: Look at the beautiful baby. We do good work.
Me: I dunno
Wife: What do you mean?
Me: Well I don’t think I had that much to do with it really. Think about it… If life is like a box of chocolates then making a baby is like baking a cake, only you sent your husband to the store and he only brought back half the ingredients.
Wife: So if I did such a great job baking then how do you explain the fact that she was a week late?
Me: You burnt it.

You know you’re a Geek when…

You find your wife pregnant, you do the whole lovey dovey stuff, and you can’t stop smiling. She asks “My aren’t you happy?” and to which I respond.. SPAWN MORE OVERLORDS


yup, we got a live one here
yup, we got a live one here


I love my wife dearly and I really do hope she’ll forgive me for that one