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You know its been awhile when there are over a dozen updates for your wordpress installation.

So how’s life you ask?

Well I am still working for Yammer. And it goes pretty good. Since this whole startup job is new to me, it certainly has been a learning experience. I have done a few interviews for new employees and I get the question a lot of “What is a typical day like?” or “What’s it like working for this company?”.  I always respond with the story of how I tore apart the CEO’s laptop on day 2 and haven’t stopped since.

So work goes well. I am getting tired of the 2 hour round trip commute but at least I got me the wifis so it gives me time to do this blog.

Katie and the girls are doing well. And the two little ones aren’t so little anymore. Between swim classes, preschool, dance starting soon, and just good old fashioned time; they are growing up fast. I still enjoy putting Tara down to bed every night as I get to read to her.

In other news I still haven’t managed to finagle an Xbox out of anyone. I think I have determined it is my new life goal to just acquire one through other means. I was annoyed with mine a few years back after it red ringed half a dozen times. I finally gave up on it, sold it and said I wasn’t going to buy another one. I know they have since fixed those issues, but since I wil hardly have time to play it anyways, I figure just having one magically appear with no cost to me would be better.

Oh and for those that know I finally finished ripping and tagging my entire dvd collection. I actually started this about 4 years ago as I have a lot of DVD’s. So that’s a big old FU to the MPAA. I bought them, I own them and I don’t care if it violates your precious copy protection laws. I wasn’t going to re buy everything in a lesser quality format just to please you anyways. The collection is almost 6 TB in total.

Now I need to go back and rerip my cd’s in full quality as opposed to AAC files. Yeah for more hard drives.