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Bum Bum Balm

Ok… So as I seem to remind people in many of my recent posts, we cloth diaper.  Now with Tara we never had any real issues with diaper rash.  Everyone once in a while she would get a little red, but a tiny bit of vasaline would fix it up.  Well this wasn’t the case with Norah this week.  I am kind of curious if it is because of how stiff the cloth diapers are getting from being line dried.  I am wondering if that is rubbing her a bit raw.  But anyways, so one hard thing about cloth diapers is that you can’t just use any old diaper rash cream.  Because of this I didn’t put anything on Norah’s bottom and just tried to let her air it out. Well that wasn’t cutting it.  I remembered I had been given some Bum Bum Balm a while back and decided to use some last night. My logic was I could strip the diapers if need be but I really needed to make her bottom better. Well when I changed her this morning her bottom looks so much better. I started wondering then about the Bum Bum Balm and what I would need to do to strip the diapers.  Well I looked on their website and this stuff is ok for cloth diapers. Yippy.  No stripping the diapers, it is helping the rash and it is all natural. Me likey.

Clarisonic Review Part 3

Ok, so I have been really bad about getting around to finishing my review of the Clarisonic Mia. I wanted to wait until after I delivered Norah to see how the changes in hormones effected my skin. I know I have a connection between my eczema and my hormone changes so I thought I better wait and see what my skin was like after delivery. Well after delivery the weather changed here too, so some combination there of left my skin pretty dry. What I did find though was that the Clarisonic seemed to still work great. It did not irritate my eczema at all, and actually seemed to help keep it under control on my face. Other parts of my body are not so lucky, but my face actually looks pretty good. I have noticed that my trend of trying to use it every day has faltered. This is really just because the new baby at home has messed up my schedule, but I am still using it in the shower (yes it is water proof). I do find that I get smoother skin if I do use it everyday, so I am hoping to get back to that trend. But yes, I do give this product the thumbs up, and highly recommend it to those looking to better their skin care routine. And as my mom likes to remind me, it is a good idea to start a good skin care routine early in life, so your skin looks good later.

Clarisonic Review Part 2

Ok, so I have been using my Clarisonic Mia for 7 nights now. So far I can only give it rave reviews. My eczema on my face has not flared up at all. One spot actually appears cleared up while another is looking much better. My skin feels much smoother and cleaner overall. This does make putting on moisturizer much easier. If I was someone who regularly wore makeup I would assume that would go on better as well. Of course due to my history of eczema and general laziness I don’t wear makeup all that often. I do still find some small bumps on my face, but they seem to be going away slowly but surely. I also have noticed that along the edge of my nostrils I have to make sure to clean in there well or I do breakout a bit there. As long as I am conscious of it I can get a good clean there as well.

Now I still have 3 weeks left to continue with this trial. I do want to make sure it doesn’t overly dry my face with time. Also I want to make sure my eczema doesn’t flare up as well. Also I am curious to see how my hormone changes after delivery of junior 2.0 will effect my face as well.

But overall, so far so good.

I think I am taking over our blog

So Sam and I combined blogs, and this seems to have made me take it over. I am posting way more then I used to. But anyway, that is not the real reason for this post. I have started as of today to try the Clarisonic Mia Skin Cleaning System. Now for those who don’t know, I have had issues with eczema since about puberty. It has really sucked and as a result I can’t use a lot of different skin care products. This has left my skin not in the condition I would like it to be. Well then I heard about the Clarisonic. Now it has gotten mixed reviews from people with eczema, but I thought I would give it a go, and I had birthday money to buy it with. Now the nice part is that I don’t have to use a special facial cleaner with it, and can keep using my good old Cetaphill. So tonight was my first go at it. The first thing I noticed was how much smoother my skin did feel. I also really liked the timer feature to tell me when I had been washing for 1 minute. After words I am noticing some spots of my eczema on my face are itchy, but this is true after I normally wash my face as well. Now this product has a 30 day trial period, so we shall see how 30 days goes. I also know the sensitiveness of my skin, so I will not be using this more then once a day. Oh and it came with the sensitive brush head. I think if I find it too harsh I may try the delicate brush head before I give up. So here begins my test of the Clarisonic, and no, I am not getting paid or anything for this review.