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Music makes the world go funky

I like music. I know it’s hard to believe but there it it.

In high school, I was that guy who liked a ton of music. I had a bumping car stereo with obscenely loud subwoofers and I liked school dances. The reason I think about this lately is that I have spent many an hours on the train commuting and it’s nice to put on a pair of headphone (in this case a pair of Sennheisers) and completely block out the world and enjoy some great tunes. It’s nice to catch up on old music from when I was a kid and discover new music too. For as much “garbage” music there is, there is also a lot of hidden gems. I download the free iTunes single of the week every week and a lot of times I find a good song that sure enough ends up on the billboard hot 100 at some point in the future.

I am also relearning about sound quality. I have spent so long listening to MP3’s, AAC, or other compressed formats that I find I have forgotten how good CD quality sound really was. I have always been able to tell the difference between the compressed and uncompressed versions and it has become more apparent as I listen to some old cd’s. This of course brings me to a really interesting observation. There has been this resurgence of over the ear high quality headphones. Beats by Dre being the seemingly most popular. However I can’t for the life of me fathom why people would by “high end” headphones at $200 to listen to crappy quality music. By quality I mean compression ration, not taste is music because Lord knows that debate could range to the end of time and then some.

So this has led me to a new project for the year. I am going to re rip my entire 400 some odd cd collection into full quality AIFF format. This is the format that the file actually is on the CD. (Give or a take some quibbles) I have an unused 1 TB hard drive for this purpose and I look forward to enjoying all that music again in a high quality format. Of course this means I might have to go to a *gasp* CD store and actually fill in the blanks of some of the purchased stuff from online.

So compressed of not, I recommend starting off the new year with a rediscover of all that old music you love. So turn it up and get down with your bad self.