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Moving day

So today I start to journey of moving all our junk into a new slightly larger place. And what have I learned from all these years of moving a whole bunch of times? 1. I don’t like moving. 2. We have too much stuff. And that doesn’t even count the baby stuff.

Other then that, life has been moving along. Earth orbits sun, Apple introduces a new product, and I go to work. So speaking of work, it has been an interesting learning experience. The team I work with is all from Japan and sometimes the communication can be a challenge. Actually I find the style of job to be more interesting. So this is my first corporate type job where I am not fixing or selling things as my primary job. So I am learning a lot about how teams work together, how meetings work, (and coincidentally can be way too long) and how to restrain myself from trying to do everything.

I have been thinking a lot of those old projects I either stopped doing or never started. Things like my comic strip, blogging, etc etc. Spending time at work seeing how companies try to influence customers online makes me wonder about things like privacy, effort, sharing etc. There are so many factors to consider it makes my head hurt.

Katie and I are thinking of merging our blogs. I guess that means we really are married happily ever after. No, it wasn’t the 7 years of marriage, the almost two kids, (due first week of april, btw) or merging the DVDs and CDs collection. It all comes down to us sharing a online presence.

Sigh, sometimes I really do think I am actually funny. Now back to figuring out baby names. Any suggestions?