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Moving day part 2

So here I sit with my foot propped up and being iced because of three reasons. In no particular order they are… I’m old, I have gout, and I spent all weekend moving a bunch of furniture. That is officially not fun.

In other news I finally logged into Facebook after being off of it for about a month. I was just really tired of all this technology messing up life and needed a break. I remember back when I started my first website and it was literally because I was bored and my sister told me to make a website. Over the years I have tried new tech’s like angelfire, ( if anyone remembers that then good job, have a cookie! ) then my own domain, livejournal, and of course Facebook, myspace, twitter, and finally my WordPress blog. Through out all of it though, I was merely just learning new things. I never really had a purpose to any of it. Then I find myself spending hours a day looking at what other people are doing and just becoming more and more frustrated with technology in general. It was kind of like when I was working in computer sales. I would spend all day telling people all about the amazing things computers could do for them, and them I’d go home and check my email, and nothing else. So I took a break. I am still deciding what I want to do with all of this tech, but for now I am going to enjoy being me for awhile. So if you don’t see me “online” I’m still here. Just not really, as it were.

Other then that life is going ok. My job at Ricoh is moving right along and we will hopefully be all settled in the new house we are renting by this weekend. That would be me and my wife being settled, not me and Ricoh. Just sayin is all.

Oh and they baby is due in about a month. Shall we start the pool for date and time of birth?