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Meal Planning

For a while now I have wanted to be better about us eating at home.  One of our biggest expenses by far has been us eating out.  We really do like going out, but I want to change that.  I want us eating better (at least smaller quantities) and I would love us to save some money too.  Well I think the best way for us to be better about eating at home is meal planning.  If I plan our meals ahead of time there is no easy out for us to just go out when we can’t decide what to make or feel lazy.  So I am posting this weeks meal plan.


  • Breakfast – Cereal and Bagels
  • Lunch – PB&J for Tara and leftover Turkey Salad Sandwich for Me
  • Dinner – One Pan Taco Dinner with Sun Chips for Sam and I and try to see if Tara will try it, otherwise Chicken Nuggets for her (we are trying to get her to try more, but it is a slow process)
  • Breakfast – Pancakes and Fruit
  • Lunch – Leftovers for me and a Grilled Cheese for Tara
  • Dinner – Raviolis and marinara sauce with Biscuits for Sam and I and PB&J for Tara (she doesn’t like pasta 🙁 )
  • Breakfast – Cereal and Bagels and Fruit
  • Lunch – PB&J or Lunchmeat Sandwiches and Fruit
  • Dinner – Turkey burgers and Sun Chips
  • Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs and Toast (we are going to try to get Tara to eat scrambled eggs)
  • Lunch – PB&J or Tuna Sandwiches and Fruit
  • Dinner – Crescent Dogs
  • Breakfast – Smoothie and toast
  • Lunch – Out (Norah has her 4 month doctor’s appointment late that morning)
  • Dinner – Out (Our one dinner out for the week)
  • Breakfast – Nutella Croissants (going to try it without crushed hazelnuts and sugar first)
  • Lunch – Mac and Cheese (going to try to introduce pasta to Tara again since she loves cheese but I have a feeling it won’t work 🙁 )
  • Dinner – Crockpot Indian Curry with Rice for Sam and I (I have been really wanting to try this recipe) and Chicken Nuggets for Tara
So that is the plan thus far.  Normally I plan to plan Sunday through Saturday.  We shall see how it goes.  As you can see our limitation is our picky eater.  She is a very stubborn kid so it is a slow process to get her to try new things.