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It’s been 11 years, feels like 16.

Today is Katie and mines anniversary. We have been married for 11 years although we were together the 5 before that hence the funny title. I thought this post would be better for last year but like most things in my life currently, everything seems to be last minute. 

I love her oodles and I love our kids and I love our lives together. She is amazing. 

And here are some funny things that have changed in those 16 years. 

Top 5 songs on the radio in 1999

1 “Believe” Cher

2 “No Scrubs” TLC

3 “Angel of Mine” Monica

4 “Heartbreak Hotel” Whitney Houston featuring Faith Evans and Kelly Price

5 “…Baby One More Time” Britney Spears

Top five songs on Spotify in 2015


Top movie of 1999 – Toy Story 2

Top movie of 2015 – looks like it might be Inside Out. Guess some things don’t change. 
What Apple announced in 1999 – iBook

What Apple made a bazillion dollars from in 2015 – Apple Watch

You know its been awhile when there are over a dozen updates for your wordpress installation.

So how’s life you ask?

Well I am still working for Yammer. And it goes pretty good. Since this whole startup job is new to me, it certainly has been a learning experience. I have done a few interviews for new employees and I get the question a lot of “What is a typical day like?” or “What’s it like working for this company?”.  I always respond with the story of how I tore apart the CEO’s laptop on day 2 and haven’t stopped since.

So work goes well. I am getting tired of the 2 hour round trip commute but at least I got me the wifis so it gives me time to do this blog.

Katie and the girls are doing well. And the two little ones aren’t so little anymore. Between swim classes, preschool, dance starting soon, and just good old fashioned time; they are growing up fast. I still enjoy putting Tara down to bed every night as I get to read to her.

In other news I still haven’t managed to finagle an Xbox out of anyone. I think I have determined it is my new life goal to just acquire one through other means. I was annoyed with mine a few years back after it red ringed half a dozen times. I finally gave up on it, sold it and said I wasn’t going to buy another one. I know they have since fixed those issues, but since I wil hardly have time to play it anyways, I figure just having one magically appear with no cost to me would be better.

Oh and for those that know I finally finished ripping and tagging my entire dvd collection. I actually started this about 4 years ago as I have a lot of DVD’s. So that’s a big old FU to the MPAA. I bought them, I own them and I don’t care if it violates your precious copy protection laws. I wasn’t going to re buy everything in a lesser quality format just to please you anyways. The collection is almost 6 TB in total.

Now I need to go back and rerip my cd’s in full quality as opposed to AAC files. Yeah for more hard drives.

Nadda much

So I am sitting here watching Elmo with my daughter and thought “Hey, maybe I should update my blog.”

This is my last week of being a stay at home dad again. I start work for Ricoh next week as a web service support specialist. Not sure what I’ll be doing but it sounds important. I do know that I should be working with the quanp groups. More info at here -quanp.net

The mrs. Is looking forward to spending more time with Tara and also wants to move again. I swear it’s only while pregnant does she want to move. We are looking to move so we can have a bit more space with 2.0 on the way. And something a bit cheaper as well.

But if we do find a new place it should be fun to setup as Katie and I have become addicted to Ikea hackers
Just another excuse to actually use some tools and that whole DIY thing.

So I still need something to blog about on a fairly regular basis. Any ideas for a theme?

Another day another random post

So I start my new job at ricoh on February 1st. I have to do a drug screen and pass my background check. Guess I shouldn’t tell them about the time…

So because of this the in laws decided to take Katie and I shopping for some new work clothes. Also since I gained a ton of weight having clothes that actually fit is nice for a change. And I can always buy a belt when I do lose weight. Of course Katie and Tara are tired from all the walking so I’m writing this post as they nap in the car as we wait to go to Rojoz for dinner.

We have been discussing moving a little farther south into bay area to find better rent. I mean how hard is it to find a 5 bedroom mansion for under $1000 a month? We don’t have that high of standards.

Other then that life just keeps moving on as they say. I’m hoping to start some night classes and I think Katie is looking forward to being a stay at home mom. So then we can move on to ” what are we going to do tonight brain? The same thing we do every night Pinky. Try to take over the world!”. Duh du dum. Du du du du du du du du doo. Da da da dum. Dum.

Good Morning, literally

So I start off this morning with a busted flat tire on my bike. Which means no biking to work today. However it runs out that I get to work and there are no tickets to work on and all my other tickets got resolved over the weekend. And some guy was giving away free stuff and I got to claim a router and an Eye Fi card. So so far so good as they say. Now if only someone will give me a job life would be great. Oh and our friend Christine is coming to visit this week so that will be fun. I suppose now I should give her her wedding footage I took last summer.

It’s been awhile

Ok so I know I have been bad about updating since my last real update was 5 months ago. And I thought I was being bad with the really long half month post. So what’s new you ask?

My daughter Tara turned 1.

I started two classes at foothill community college – indoor soccer and intro to computer science.

I got a job working for Astreya doing tech support at Google.

My wife Katie and I just signed a new lease on a apartment in Mt. View.

I appearently developed a case of Gout which hurts like hell and affects 1% of the population in the U.S.

We finally installed all the new light fixtures in my moms house. Including new track lighting in the living room.

I was going to start biking to work but then there is that whole gout thing. That’s on hold…

And I’m sure I forgot a thing or three dozen but it couldn’t possibly have been that important. I’ll post a bunch of baby pics and videos here in awhile. A short while I promise. 😉


I think I’ve used random for a title like 500 times in this blog.
Anywho, I am recording old home movies onto the computer so I can embarrass my siblings and nieces and nephews. Currently doing my niece Elizabeths 2nd birthday cake chomping adventures. So I’ll be taking request for videos and or bribes to prevent videos from going on facebook and youtube.

Other then that life is going well. Tara is still being a growing baby who has recently learned to gum up “solids” quite well. Katie is busy doing the whole NASA scientist bit quite well it seems. We are planning a trip to Las Vegas and Arkansas back to back for to weddings which should be quite busy but after that we are done with travel for a long time. I hate flying, it is jut so annoying.

On a personal note I am attempting for the 4th time to actually play and finish Warcraft 3 and it’s expansion. I always get part way through and then get stuck or busy or something. I mean I’ve only had the game for several years now so I’m bound to finish it within a decade.

Now back to your regular scheduled program

Put in oven at 375 and wait 9 months

While driving home from the baby’s first doctor appointment..

Wife: Look at the beautiful baby. We do good work.
Me: I dunno
Wife: What do you mean?
Me: Well I don’t think I had that much to do with it really. Think about it… If life is like a box of chocolates then making a baby is like baking a cake, only you sent your husband to the store and he only brought back half the ingredients.
Wife: So if I did such a great job baking then how do you explain the fact that she was a week late?
Me: You burnt it.