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A Valentines Post on this blog…what could possible go wrong.

This is gonna get me laid.

Ok well probably not but one can hope. Yes it is that time of year when people shove each other and get in fights over silly looking flowers and pounds of sugar. (mmmm, suger)
And that’s alright. I was talking to a friend about it and got the now usual tale about how it’s such a made up holiday and you shouldn’t need an excuse to express your love for someone. Which is true…


I am now an old married guy. One who spends too much time on the train writing blog posts while going to his job. One who doesn’t get to spend nearly enough time with his wife. (or kids) And one who does actually appreciate a day on his calendar where he can remember to take that extra time and remind his wife about how much he loves her.
Remind her
about how beautiful she is
about how awesome a mother she ie
about how she can still make me feel all gitty as a school boy
about how cool she is for actually laughing at very terrible jokes.
about how she is wonderful for caring about me
and last but never in the least about how amazing she is as a person. (cough, astronaut, cough)

See what I did there (points up). Those be some good brownie points. ( you know, for geting laid)

So for a made up holiday I think I did pretty good. I bought her a gift of a teen chick flick about vampires. (and got dirty looks for buying it in the store) Will probably have to watch it with her too.
Got her some sugar.
Probably not going to get her flowers. Did take the kids for a weekend.

(I sooo should get laid for this…)

I love you Katie.

(sorry for all the getting liad references)

Big Hugs 😛