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A Month of Thankfulness – ???

Today I realized I am thankful for a good place to work. It has been surprisingly slow these last few days but it’s still good work. I like the people I work with. Well there is always an occasional office WTF moment but hey that’s life. We have fun there and the team is pretty darn cool. Plenty of sci fi jokes abound. I also like the flexibility to change my schedule as needed to be with the family. I like being able to contribute to actually solving problems.

I do like solving problems. I don’t know why but I do. I always wanted to create something new like a movie, game , comic or something but I think my mind is to analytical for that. Good to have dreams about something I suppose.

So I’m thankful for being able to work, being useful, and being able to support and take care of my family.

The cool toys didn’t hurt either 😉

Forever and a day kind of update.

Well so it has been awhile. I need to do a bunch of updates to the site but hopefully now that I have a precious little more time due to my new job schedule, I will be able to update more.
(That’s what she said.)

Which brings me to my first update in life, I no longer work for Yammer/Microsoft. It was a good almost two years but the job changed, the management changed, and I changed myself right out the door along with it. However I got a new job working at the Nueva School. It’s a preK – 8th and now a new high school for gifted kids. Maybe my kids will turn out to be brainiacs like their mother and go there some day, but for now it pays bills and offers a change of pace as well as opportunities to learn new stuff.

Speaking of school, its hard to imagine that both my girls will be in preschool this fall. Everybody say “awwwwww.” They do grow up so fast. Here’s a new pic in case you were wondering.


Katie just finished up a month stint back in the lab over at NASA Ames and I think it was good for here to do it but also I think she is glad to be done with it. Two full time jobs if even for a month is super hard.

That is the quick recap to get me back into the habit of writing and here is hoping there is more to come.

And so begins the great job hunt of 2011

I currently work for Ricoh Americas. The team I work for there works for Ricoh Ltd. The budget was cut and they are all going back to Japan. This leaves me and one other worker scrambling to find some new jobs. I am looking throughout the company and outside it as well.

Katie and I have decided that we would like to move from the SF Bay Area. The simple fact is that it would take 10 years to afford a down payment on a 3 bedroom 1200 sf 60 year old house here. By contrast living in a state like Georgia or Virginia you can find 5 bedroom 4000 sf 10 year old homes that we could mortgage today.

I have a few leads both here and around the country and I’ll keep you posted as to where we end up. With a little luck I can stay with the company and be transferred somewhere. I don’t look forward to the actual moving part but hey whatever works out best for the family.

On a random side note. Typing in landscape mode on the iPhone is actually pretty fast.

Moving day part 2

So here I sit with my foot propped up and being iced because of three reasons. In no particular order they are… I’m old, I have gout, and I spent all weekend moving a bunch of furniture. That is officially not fun.

In other news I finally logged into Facebook after being off of it for about a month. I was just really tired of all this technology messing up life and needed a break. I remember back when I started my first website and it was literally because I was bored and my sister told me to make a website. Over the years I have tried new tech’s like angelfire, ( if anyone remembers that then good job, have a cookie! ) then my own domain, livejournal, and of course Facebook, myspace, twitter, and finally my WordPress blog. Through out all of it though, I was merely just learning new things. I never really had a purpose to any of it. Then I find myself spending hours a day looking at what other people are doing and just becoming more and more frustrated with technology in general. It was kind of like when I was working in computer sales. I would spend all day telling people all about the amazing things computers could do for them, and them I’d go home and check my email, and nothing else. So I took a break. I am still deciding what I want to do with all of this tech, but for now I am going to enjoy being me for awhile. So if you don’t see me “online” I’m still here. Just not really, as it were.

Other then that life is going ok. My job at Ricoh is moving right along and we will hopefully be all settled in the new house we are renting by this weekend. That would be me and my wife being settled, not me and Ricoh. Just sayin is all.

Oh and they baby is due in about a month. Shall we start the pool for date and time of birth?

Good Morning, literally

So I start off this morning with a busted flat tire on my bike. Which means no biking to work today. However it runs out that I get to work and there are no tickets to work on and all my other tickets got resolved over the weekend. And some guy was giving away free stuff and I got to claim a router and an Eye Fi card. So so far so good as they say. Now if only someone will give me a job life would be great. Oh and our friend Christine is coming to visit this week so that will be fun. I suppose now I should give her her wedding footage I took last summer.

My world as of late

So I have spent the past week or so creating an inventory database for a local clothing store. Nothing like having to type in over 4000 descriptions of clothing designers styles and such.

Other then that life is going well I think. Jr who still has no name is due in about a month. We are slowly getting everything ready. Not much else other then to wish my brother Jack a happy birthday.