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Product Analysis 101

Fun times at work Ahoy!

We made a little trek to the Apple Store this week as the new iPad mini has arrived and our dev teams needs them for testing. So a few of us from work went on down and picked up a bunch. Then after a tasty lunch at HRD we headed back to work, and the first thing I did was to promptly tear open the package and began playing with it. Ah the perks of working in IT. Anywho, it was actually quite a surprise, as my first immediate thought was “Oh hey I want one of these.”

It is really small and hard to believe kind of light weight. To me it felt about as heavy as my iPhone 4s with a case on it. It then occurred to me after having played with a Surface RT ( and I’m still looking forward to getting one of those as well) that Microsoft, Google, and Amazon still have quite a way to go. For Apple it has always been about the slightest detail in hardware and it really shows. I handed the iPad mini to a few folks and even our lead product guy. After only a few seconds of holding it said “Well fuck, there goes $300. Now I have to go buy one.”

I am planning on posting a detailed product analysis comparison of both the Surface IT and a iPad side by side once I get them both so stay tuned for that. In the mean time don’t go to the Apple store and play with one of these unless you have a desire to part with  your paycheck this weekend.