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10 years take 2. Day 4

Early morning when you are on a different time zone isn’t that early. Which made it nice for our kayak tour at 7:45 since we were up at 6 anyways.
We did also see a giant old sea turtle, a ww2 bunker and the lightning tree from the hunger games catching fire.





We then went to the Kahuka grill which is a smaller shack of a local restaurant. Garlic shrimp and a cheeseburger for there.

We have been reading almost every afternoon since we got here. Just chilling on the beach or by the pool. I’ve been hanging out all week reading Divergent since Katie bought it for the kindle. There are enough differences between the book and the movie that I am now finding the movie more annoying. Otherwise it’s an ok read.

For dinner we went to another local place called Teds bakery. It was ok. And we slices of cake and pie for dessert.
Then we just hung out on the deck watching the sunset.