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Shutterfly Holiday Cards House Party

So I hosted my 2nd House Party today.  I can’t recommend enough applying to be a House Party host.  I have applied for many and have been selected for 2.  The first one was the Fisher-Price Perfect Playdate and this time it was Shutterfly Holiday Cards House Party.  This turned into a great chance to invite over friends for the first time to our “new” house (yes we have lived here since March… I know I know, but now that people have been over it will happen more often).  Anyways, so I had fun hanging balloons outside and setting up the kitchen with lots of food and of course making a table with the Shuttefly sample cards, catalogue, and the free codes for the guests.

So the party really turned into a great big playdate, but as most parents who have playdates know it means the parents all sit and talk.  It was interesting to see how some of the families had used Shutterfly before and some were looking forward to trying it for the first time.  Other then the Shutterfly Holiday Cards guests were also talking about the posters, especially the canvas prints.  In addition to Shutterfly people were very interested in general how I had become a House Party host.  I explained the application process and encouraged them to apply.  I think there will be many more applications from my group of friends, and of course me again.  And now a fun group picture.