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Hackintosh take 1

Okay so I found this old pentium 4 at work and have spent most of the day trying to get OSX installed on it. I know random huh? But hey what else are you gonna do right. So first it wouldn’t boot the disc due to the fact that it doesn’t have a DVD drive. I tried to install it off the USB drive but the machine simply ignored it. I put in a DVD drive and it managed to boot the kernal but then it would just freeze and reboot the machine over and over again. So now I’m downloading a 10.4.8 disc to see if that will work. I may just give up and install Ubuntu but where’s the fun in that. So appearently the problem has something to do with the fact that an old P4 only has sse2 instructions and macintel 10.5 requires sse3.

That and I am almost done ripping all of star trek deep space nine to our network at the house. Yeah for several USB hubs and half a dozen drives huh?