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Poor little one

So Norah had her two month well child checkup last week. She weighed and measured in nice and big as usual (90 to 95th percentile for girls). The problem was she had a cold. So our doctor and I agreed to postpone her vaccines by a week. We didn’t want to confuse a fever from the cold with a fever from the vaccines. Well today we went in for just a vaccine clinic appointment. She got her two shots (DTAP/HIB/IPV and Pneumococcal Prevnar) and then it was time for her oral vaccine (Rotavirus). Well the nurse had gotten just a bit in when she started to throw up everywhere. Now I don’t remember if I blogged about this, but a few weeks ago we had an incident of her randomly throwing up and went into urgent care. They never figured out what the trigger was. So today our doctor came on in and checked her out to make sure there was nothing wrong, and there wasn’t anything. We even hung around for a bit just to make sure. So it now seems that Norah just has a really strong gag reflex. So we will try again at her 4 month appointment to give her the Rotavirus vaccine.

Of course since coming home she has ended up in a whole lot of pain from the vaccines and was crying for a while and now she is finally down for some sleep.

Oh and you might have noticed I keep saying our doctor. This is because we use a family medicine doctor instead of a pediatrician. This allows all of the family to share the same doctor. We have really loved this. She always makes sure to check that all of us are doing well. There has been multiple times now where we have been there for one kid and ended up having something checked out for another one of us. We also just like our doctor. Dr. Kristina Smith at the Palo Alto Medical Center rocks!