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Once again a month goes by…

I was reading an article that says in order to be a successful blogger you should probably average about 1000 words a day. I think I get that in about a month. So successful I’m not but at least I am updating it. I am enjoying the new job and have met some wonderful people. The only downside is that I haven’t hung out with any old friends in a while. However since Bufalo Wild Wings has been gracious enough to open up a new restautrant in San Jose I can catch up with some old friends from Daddytrend.com and that will be fun. I also miss my babies whole bunches. As a stay at home dad I got to spend every moment almost with Tara during the first year. Because my commute adds almost an hour and a half each way I tend to just see them as I put them down to sleep and on the weekends. I miss them and my lovely wife whole bunches. Since we are considering buying a house in these parts (yes we know this is crazy) then hopefully I can shorten the commute and spend more time with them.

So the housing market is still very weird and up in the air in the SF Bay Area. You can find townhouse ( thats a fancy word for apartments ) for around $350k in not quite good neighborhoods. Or you can find million dollar homes that in all reality should not be worth that much. There is just so much fluctuation and variety right now that in some areas there can be as much as a $50-100k difference for between several city blocks. I am sure we might find something we really like at some point so for now we will keep looking and I might keep updating this blog. We will see which one happens first.

Just a little update

So my bike broke. and I mean really broke. I kind of sort of fell off it and the back derailer bent into the spokes and now the wheel is flat and wobbles. Between that and the already bad brakes, I have decided to replace the $60 Wal-Mart special and go for something a little nicer. I enjoy bike riding and I have apparently lost some weight in doing so. Not to mention the 14 mile a day round trip to work has saved me over $70 in gas. So me and the mrs are going to go bike shopping tonight and see what we can find. Ye Haw I say Ye Haw, especially since I don’t ride a horse.