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Bum Bum Balm

Ok… So as I seem to remind people in many of my recent posts, we cloth diaper.  Now with Tara we never had any real issues with diaper rash.  Everyone once in a while she would get a little red, but a tiny bit of vasaline would fix it up.  Well this wasn’t the case with Norah this week.  I am kind of curious if it is because of how stiff the cloth diapers are getting from being line dried.  I am wondering if that is rubbing her a bit raw.  But anyways, so one hard thing about cloth diapers is that you can’t just use any old diaper rash cream.  Because of this I didn’t put anything on Norah’s bottom and just tried to let her air it out. Well that wasn’t cutting it.  I remembered I had been given some Bum Bum Balm a while back and decided to use some last night. My logic was I could strip the diapers if need be but I really needed to make her bottom better. Well when I changed her this morning her bottom looks so much better. I started wondering then about the Bum Bum Balm and what I would need to do to strip the diapers.  Well I looked on their website and this stuff is ok for cloth diapers. Yippy.  No stripping the diapers, it is helping the rash and it is all natural. Me likey.

Mini Boden

We cloth diaper. This is known by most of the readers of this blog, but I have to put it out there for this entry. Now specifically we mainly use DSQ prefolds with Thirsties covers. Now this combination is fairly affordable and very absorbant, but it is a bit bulkier then some other cloth diaper options and by far bulkier then disposable diapers. The fact is that today’s baby and toddler clothes are cut for disposable diapers. This can be a big problem when trying to find clothes for the girls, especially since my girls are 90-95th percentile for height and weight for girls (yes I have big girls).

So all this leads me to one of my new favorite brands of clothing for the girls. The brand is Mini Boden. Now the outfits are just adorable, but one of my favorite parts is they are cut much wider then other pants. This is true for both the clothes I have gotten for Norah and for Tara.

Now as I said, both my girls are big. Tara is 2 years 2.5 months old and wears 3T or 4T clothes. Now the hard part of this is she isn’t potty trained yet (still working on that), but the size she is is starting to get cut narrower because the design clothes thinking 4 year olds are out of diapers. Then there are these great pants from Mini Boden that are red with white polka dots and cute heart shaped back pockets. These pants we bought in their size 3-4, and they go on with ease. And again they are just cute.

Then there is Norah. Now she came out a pretty big girl and that is still the case. She is 8 weeks old and mostly wears size 3-6 month (or 6 month depending on how it is labeled) clothes. Some of the body suit type things in this size are actually too short for her because of her long torso. Now we have those same pair of red polka dot pants for Norah in size 0-3 month, and they still fit. They are a bit tighter now, but not so much that she got mad as I was trying to put them on her. The other nice part is I have some other pants by Mini Boden in size 3-6 month which fit differently but are still cute. This brand of clothes just seems to be a great one for growing kids, especially ones in diapers.

Now of course the cute pictures to prove how cute the clothes are (or to just show off my cute kids).

From Easter:



And from today:


Oh and I was in no way compensated for this review. I just like the clothes.