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Forever and a day kind of update.

Well so it has been awhile. I need to do a bunch of updates to the site but hopefully now that I have a precious little more time due to my new job schedule, I will be able to update more.
(That’s what she said.)

Which brings me to my first update in life, I no longer work for Yammer/Microsoft. It was a good almost two years but the job changed, the management changed, and I changed myself right out the door along with it. However I got a new job working at the Nueva School. It’s a preK – 8th and now a new high school for gifted kids. Maybe my kids will turn out to be brainiacs like their mother and go there some day, but for now it pays bills and offers a change of pace as well as opportunities to learn new stuff.

Speaking of school, its hard to imagine that both my girls will be in preschool this fall. Everybody say “awwwwww.” They do grow up so fast. Here’s a new pic in case you were wondering.


Katie just finished up a month stint back in the lab over at NASA Ames and I think it was good for here to do it but also I think she is glad to be done with it. Two full time jobs if even for a month is super hard.

That is the quick recap to get me back into the habit of writing and here is hoping there is more to come.