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Probably TMI for most

So I haven’t written the birth story yet for little miss Norah. As Sam mentioned in another post she is a week old, so I thought I should do this. Now as a heads up I plan to be as detailed as I can remember, so if you aren’t interested then I suggest not reading any further.

Ok so very early Wednesday April 13th (ie ~2 am) I was woken up by contractions. They started out about 15 minutes apart. Then they moved to 10 then 8 and then 7 and a half. I was thinking I might need to wake up Sam, but they stayed at 7 and a half minutes. So I waited. Sam got up and I sent him to work cause they weren’t getting closer together. I did call my parents that morning as a heads up that they might be taking Tara at some point that day. Well they next thing I know the contractions decide to go back to 15 minutes apart they stayed like this all day long. Really annoying and pretty uncomfortable too.

So I went to bed that night and was woken up again at about 2 am. I got up again cause the contractions weren’t letting me sleep. I started timing the contractions and they were 7 minutes apart. Then they were 6 minutes apart and getting closer together. At this point I woke up Sam at 5 am. We called my folks and packed Tara in the car. My dad picked up Tara at the hospital.

When I was checked at 6:15 am the contractions were 4 to 5 minutes apart and I was 6 to 7 cm dilated. This was it. I actually kept being told by the nurses how well I was breathing through the contractions. I did end up going for an epidural again. After the entire previous day having contractions I was done with that. Also I may have put on a good front for everyone else, but I was in a frak load of pain. Since I was as far along as I was they hurried to get the anesthesiologist to me asap. Now when they were putting the hep-lock the nurse was actually having a hard time finding my vain. Sigh. So I ended up with a mice bruise from it. Oh well. Anyways, the epidural went well and started really working pretty quickly. So come at 8:15 I was checked again and was 8 cm. My water hadn’t broken yet, so the nurse tried to break it. Well that didn’t work but as she said that it didn’t work I had a contraction that broke my water. Well things just progressed from there. They emptied my bladder with a catheter (luckily didn’t have to keep one in since I was so far along. I ended up 10 cm dilated and I was having the feeling to push. I didn’t really have that feeling as much with Tara cause I kept having to do little boost on the epidural for the pain. Well it almost looked like the doctor from my obgyn office wasn’t going to make it. She did end up making it. I pushed through 2 contractions and was almost there. I took a break through one and then through the next contraction there she was. At 9:23am Norah joined us. She was huge. They got her to the scale and yep she was 9 lbs 13 oz. Almost a full pound more then Tara. Now as I mentioned I felt way more this time around, which was actually a great feeling. The epidural just cut the pain down. The odd part was delivering the placenta. I did not feeling it at all with Tara, but with Norah I did. It was a squishy feeling, especially after pushing out my big girl. Well Norah being as big as she is, yep I tore again. 2nd degree again too, so I had to wait to nurse Norah till I got stitched up. I was holding her though as soon as she was done being checked out.

So yes. That was my labor and delivery. Yes I was really only at the hospital 3 hours before Norah arrived. I will write a separate entry about my hospital stay later. But yes we are home and healthy.


Take 2

So here we are at the hospital.

The first picture is of Katie calmly having contractions. Note the laptop and ps3 controller.

The second picture is her becoming one with The Matrix at the hospital. I forgot about all the tubes and wires the hook her up too. But she is at 7 cm and has had her drugs. so she’s feeling much better.