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I love my fiancee so much, he he, anywho. I played more warcraft 3. Its like so addictive. But then again al of them have been for the most part.
Thoughts on life:
School is getting hard again. every teacher seems to have this urge to give everyone a whole lot of work all at once or something. You barely scrap through one week only to get slammed again the next week. Its like grrr man.
Well this afternoon I am off to the mall like oh my gosh, the local comic store went out of business so now I need to find somewhere else to buy ultimate marvel line and stuff. Bummer


just a wuick update, I am done for this week. I finally finished both all three of my papers and procedded to spend the next four hours playing Warcraft 3 and only got through two levels. And persoanlly I think tha was productive. Anywho…

uh yeah

Well ia msurrently writing a speech for my class but I just wanted to let people know that I recently updated my website. Mostly just fixed some code and cleaned up the appearence of the Idjits section. So go Check it out


coolio, So jen agreed o so some prelimanary work for KanJack, That would so freakin rock. Happy for me Happy for thee, and what not. Now if only I could write a sales speech as easily as I could write strips. Ah well, a challenge is good for you.
I think Keanu Reeves said it best
“Wounds heal, chicks dig scars, and glory lasts forever”


Yeah so I admit it I actually watch WWE from time to time. Actually I was kinda addicted to it but frankly the show has just gone way past indecency. So no more of that crap, I got better things to do, like web design and gee maybe I will even do some homework or something. Okay well of to do something more productive wiht my time

yeah so

I just finished watching the move Death to Smoochy and my fiancee accuses me of fianlly picking a weird movie to which I replied I plead the 5th. Yeah so it was funny, actually it was pretty damn funny in a army of darkness meets pulp fiction sorta way. Kinda like Sorority Boys but that wasn’t like Pulp fiction. So before I ramble on any further I need to go back to my sales presentation on digital cameras. Oh ahh, every stare in wow, he he he

Artist Needed

Hey everybody, I am looking for an artist or anyone that can draw halfway decently to do some artwork for a comic strip that I am writing. Generally must be a fun loving person, nothing to serious, Email in you’re interested thanks


Arghhh, why can’t I think of more then two verbs in spanish. I have been taking it for two years now sheez. Anywho back to staring at the screen


So i just went out to dinner with 7 other women and some poeple called me a pimp. I am engaged no matter what anyone else tells you don’t believe them. We went to Chilis which was okay just a lot of food. Well of to type my papers that I was supposed to do but never did and its like 8 oclock so I better get gracking as they say

Sorority boys is funny by the way


Good morning campers…
This weekend is going to be so busy. I have two papers two write as well as a speech not too mention mumerous other thins and I didi’t get much sleep so I am tired as all lack of get up.
Although yesterday was fun. Went ice skating and am still trying to break in new skates so my feet hurt but alas it will be worth it. Also rented Sorority boys and that was damn funny. HIghly recommend it but it wasn’t what youd think. It was more Army of Darkness meets american pie then anything else.