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Biggest Loser update

Ok… So I realize that we have not posted our weight loss over the past few weeks.  I admit that life has taken an interesting turn for us.  You may have noticed that Sam posted about his soon to be lack of a job and job hunt.  This means that we really could be up and moving again.  If we do move it would not be a local one, but yes he is interviewing for local places too.  Anyways, this has left us a lot less motivated to move towards our weight loss goals.  It even involved some nights of cookies and ice cream.  So I really don’t know where we are towards our weight loss goals.  In all honesty it isn’t my priority right now.  We will try to do a weigh in here one of these days, but my bigger priority is to try to help my hubby job hunt and keep the house somewhat in order.  Oh and colds this past weekend haven’t helped anything either.

Bum Bum Balm

Ok… So as I seem to remind people in many of my recent posts, we cloth diaper.  Now with Tara we never had any real issues with diaper rash.  Everyone once in a while she would get a little red, but a tiny bit of vasaline would fix it up.  Well this wasn’t the case with Norah this week.  I am kind of curious if it is because of how stiff the cloth diapers are getting from being line dried.  I am wondering if that is rubbing her a bit raw.  But anyways, so one hard thing about cloth diapers is that you can’t just use any old diaper rash cream.  Because of this I didn’t put anything on Norah’s bottom and just tried to let her air it out. Well that wasn’t cutting it.  I remembered I had been given some Bum Bum Balm a while back and decided to use some last night. My logic was I could strip the diapers if need be but I really needed to make her bottom better. Well when I changed her this morning her bottom looks so much better. I started wondering then about the Bum Bum Balm and what I would need to do to strip the diapers.  Well I looked on their website and this stuff is ok for cloth diapers. Yippy.  No stripping the diapers, it is helping the rash and it is all natural. Me likey.

Biggest Loser end of week 2

Well our anniversary weekend was very bad for our weight lose goals. We ate a lot of yummy desserts. As a result, I gained 1.5 lbs and Sam gained 2.9 lbs. This puts me 0.2 lbs (0.08%) above my starting weight, so 239.45 lbs. Sam is 0.5 lbs (0.19%) above his starting weight, so 257.75 lbs. As I have a lower percentage above my starting weight compared to Sam, this puts me in the lead for this week, but in reality this week is not good for either of us. Ugh.

Line drying really does whiten cloth diapers

I have mentioned it many times before but as a reminder again, we cloth diaper. Now up until Norah’s birth we used a diaper service. This meant that we weren’t washing diaper. Well we had moved into a place with a washer and dryer all to ourselves and were going to be diapering 2 kids, so we stopped using the diaper service and bought our own. Many different suggestions are out there for the best way to wash the diapers. I personally do a cold rise, hot wash with Dropps Baby Laundry Detergent, and 2 cold rises (sometimes instead of the cold rise I will do a full wash cold). Well this left the diapers clean, but there were some stains. Now how to get out stains there seems to be no discussion. Everyone says to hang dry the diapers in the sun. This always seems to be the consensus, but I have never seen actual proof of this myself.

Now for our wedding anniversary my dear husband got me an outdoor dryer (i.e. one of those umbrella style clotheslines). Yes I am actually very excited about this, cause I can finally try to get those darn stains out of the diapers. So today I have proof that the sun really is the best stain remover. Well as I mentioned I had never seen proof, so I thought I would share my proof.



The diaper on the left (Fuzzibunz perfect size) came out nice and clean. The one on the right (oh katy!) is still a bit stained, but I wonder if the next time it gets hung dry will get out the rest of the stain. I will have to wait and see.



These are the Diaper Service Quality prefolds I use, and the sun really bleached these. These hang nice and flat so I think that helped a lot.

So yes, overall I am very very pleased with hang drying the diapers. They are much much stiffer then having been in the dryer, but hopefully that doesn’t end up being a pain. I have heard the suggestion of throwing the diapers in the dryer for a few minutes to soften them up. I am hoping not to have to do this, but we shall see.

7 years ago today

7 years ago today Sam and I were married. We were married at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco by the reverend who married 2 of Sam’s other siblings. 2.5 years before that we got engaged, and 2.5 years before that we started dating. Yep, that means we have been together for 12 years. In that time I graduated high school, we both graduated college, we got married, we both had grandparents pass away, I graduated grad school, the births of our two daughter, we’ve lived in 6 cities in 3 states, we’ve seen many a new electronic item come out, we have worked for multiple companies, and much more. Even the days were I may get frustrated with him or snap at him or just be plain old bitchy to him I still love him. He is my best friend and I am happy to say that I can’t picture my life with anyone else.

Now for a flashback, if you want to see more pictures from that event 7 years ago go to our wedding website

3 months

3 months ago today Norah was born. I can’t believe she is a quarter of a year old. Time just goes by so fast. I am lucky and at least for now she sleeps through the night. Now I am not talking about textbook sleeps through the night which is only 6 to 8 hours. I am talking from 8pm to 7am (11 hours). Sometimes she even goes down earlier then that. Of course some days we are up at 6am instead of 7, but that is much better then middle of the night feedings. Of course as a result of this she doesn’t want to nap all that much in the day.

Other then that she is just one big girl (almost done with the 3-6 month clothes). Oh and she drools a whole lot. Tara did not drool that much, while Norah will soak clothes if she isn’t wearing a bib.


Biggest Loser end of week 1

Ok, so it is our first weigh in since we started. So the official results from this week. I am down 1.3 lbs (0.54%). Sam is weighing in as I type this. He has lost 2.4 lbs (0.93%). This puts Sam ahead, but this is only week 1. I also still think he has an advantage with being able to bike to work, but hey I am breastfeeding which does burn calories. I just need to be better about getting on the Wii Fit. I also need to figure out something else that I can go do, but Tara does make that a bit difficult. I shall just have to keep working on that. Now time to relax as hopefully the girls are down for the night.