A month of thankfulness

So it’s one day early but I’m thankful for being able to take a day off work. It was a slow day and I just thought it would be nice to spend the day at home. In this case the girls both had school Halloween events. 3 year olds in costume are adorable.
Afterwards we had a nice lunch of fish tacos and got to go visit grandma and the extended family. They are doing well and it was fun to just sit and visit.

So this begins a day early of a month of thankfulness. Here’s to a happy month. Starting with lots of candy. Lots and lots and lots of candy.


30 day challenge. Tech photos are done

So I finished my first 30 day challenge which was tech photos I’m not a photographer by any means but it was cool to see about how I looked at various examples of technology in my life. It really is all around us all the time and for better or worse it is here to stay. I do appreciate technology even if it does annoy me a lot of the time. It makes me wonder why I choose to work in a tech field repairing it all day.

It was a fun experience although sometimes a bit of a pain to force myself to do it. I hear so often about people doing these to try and jump start weight loss or life goals but for me it was much more about can I just do it and can I learn something new from it.

I will now seek out future 30 day challenges. Probably something involving cleaning the garage.
Any suggestions?

"i before e except after c, or in the word weird, well because it's weird"