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Mini Boden

We cloth diaper. This is known by most of the readers of this blog, but I have to put it out there for this entry. Now specifically we mainly use DSQ prefolds with Thirsties covers. Now this combination is fairly affordable and very absorbant, but it is a bit bulkier then some other cloth diaper options and by far bulkier then disposable diapers. The fact is that today’s baby and toddler clothes are cut for disposable diapers. This can be a big problem when trying to find clothes for the girls, especially since my girls are 90-95th percentile for height and weight for girls (yes I have big girls).

So all this leads me to one of my new favorite brands of clothing for the girls. The brand is Mini Boden. Now the outfits are just adorable, but one of my favorite parts is they are cut much wider then other pants. This is true for both the clothes I have gotten for Norah and for Tara.

Now as I said, both my girls are big. Tara is 2 years 2.5 months old and wears 3T or 4T clothes. Now the hard part of this is she isn’t potty trained yet (still working on that), but the size she is is starting to get cut narrower because the design clothes thinking 4 year olds are out of diapers. Then there are these great pants from Mini Boden that are red with white polka dots and cute heart shaped back pockets. These pants we bought in their size 3-4, and they go on with ease. And again they are just cute.

Then there is Norah. Now she came out a pretty big girl and that is still the case. She is 8 weeks old and mostly wears size 3-6 month (or 6 month depending on how it is labeled) clothes. Some of the body suit type things in this size are actually too short for her because of her long torso. Now we have those same pair of red polka dot pants for Norah in size 0-3 month, and they still fit. They are a bit tighter now, but not so much that she got mad as I was trying to put them on her. The other nice part is I have some other pants by Mini Boden in size 3-6 month which fit differently but are still cute. This brand of clothes just seems to be a great one for growing kids, especially ones in diapers.

Now of course the cute pictures to prove how cute the clothes are (or to just show off my cute kids).

From Easter:



And from today:


Oh and I was in no way compensated for this review. I just like the clothes.

She is getting to be such a big girl

Well Tara is really getting to be such a big girl. A few days ago really confirmed that for me when she got car sick for the first time. Oh the mess. I now know never to let her eat yogurt, fishy crackers and oj for a lunch before getting in the car, especially after a bad night’s sleep. This event did make me realize though that when it is my kid the mommy instincts take over and I didn’t end up sick too.

Today also added to my realization of how big she is getting. I finally got her to let me braid her hair (I thank Blues Clues for the distraction)



Oh and I ended up trimming her bangs myself, cause they were in her eyes again.


So for those who don’t know, I breastfed Tara until she was over a year and a half old. Yes this does mean I was breastfeeding for the first trimester of my pregnancy with Norah. So yes, I am breastfeeding Norah.

Now to have a good supply to be able to exclusively breastfeed you have to make sure you are getting enough calories. This usually means I need an afternoon snack. In addition I am also trying some Mothers Milk tea which is also meant to help lactation. So today’s snack.



I actually had some toast with Nutella on it, but it doesn’t take as nice a picture.

So why am I sharing this. Well in reality it all is because I have been trying to pump some extra and Norah took her first bottle yesterday. She was 5 weeks and 5 days old. It took some work to get her to figure out how to suck on a bottle nipple but she did it. This gives hope for my plans to go back a day a week to work in a few weeks.

Midday Bath

So Norah has been switching from a poopy diaper with every diaper change to one poopy per day. Well this has meant some pretty explosive large diapers. A classic one was Saturday night while out for my early mother’s day dinner. Let us just say the the white pokadots on her pants were yellow and her carseat had to be washed. Anyways, so this leads to yesterday. Norah did not have a poopy diaper at all yesterday. I knew this meant I would be in for a huge one today. Well after having just changed a wet diaper she was laying on the changing pad and I heard it. Oh this was it. I of course waited a bit to make sure she was done, or so I thought. I began to change her and out more came. She finally stopped so I pulled the very full diaper out from under her, but of course out comes more. Now it is all over the cute outfit she has on. Amazingly she is actually still pretty clean (nothing a wipe couldn’t fix). So I fully undress her and pull the cover off the changing pad. Now of course she pees. Not just a little pee, instead it is everywhere and she is lying in it. Even her hair is wet. This is what lead to Norah’s midday bath.

Could be one of my girls

Ok, so I know I have been horrible about writing, but 2 munchkins at home is tiring. But today I have a real reason to post. Those who have known me for a long time or read my blog for a long time know that I was born with a ventricular septal defect (VSD) in other words a hole in my heart. Now this is a hereditary condition, so when I was pregnant with both my girls I got level II ultrasounds to check their hearts. Both were cleared as ok so we did not move on to a fetal echo (the next step to male sure). Now we did have a scare with Tara one day that she turned a bit blue around her mouth one day. I took her straight to the doctor, but her color returned to normal and they did not hear any murmur (a VSD will cause a murmur). So if this ever happens again they will do an echo of her heart.

But what today is making me post about all of this. Well I saw a picture of a 4 month old after having the open heart surgery to fix a VSD. This just brings up my worst fears of what would happen if I did pass this on to my girls. I saw the picture because a women in one of my online mommy groups’ son just had the surgery today. She actually posted the picture because he is doing well. It was just still scary to think how easily that could be one of my girls.

Probably TMI for most

So I haven’t written the birth story yet for little miss Norah. As Sam mentioned in another post she is a week old, so I thought I should do this. Now as a heads up I plan to be as detailed as I can remember, so if you aren’t interested then I suggest not reading any further.

Ok so very early Wednesday April 13th (ie ~2 am) I was woken up by contractions. They started out about 15 minutes apart. Then they moved to 10 then 8 and then 7 and a half. I was thinking I might need to wake up Sam, but they stayed at 7 and a half minutes. So I waited. Sam got up and I sent him to work cause they weren’t getting closer together. I did call my parents that morning as a heads up that they might be taking Tara at some point that day. Well they next thing I know the contractions decide to go back to 15 minutes apart they stayed like this all day long. Really annoying and pretty uncomfortable too.

So I went to bed that night and was woken up again at about 2 am. I got up again cause the contractions weren’t letting me sleep. I started timing the contractions and they were 7 minutes apart. Then they were 6 minutes apart and getting closer together. At this point I woke up Sam at 5 am. We called my folks and packed Tara in the car. My dad picked up Tara at the hospital.

When I was checked at 6:15 am the contractions were 4 to 5 minutes apart and I was 6 to 7 cm dilated. This was it. I actually kept being told by the nurses how well I was breathing through the contractions. I did end up going for an epidural again. After the entire previous day having contractions I was done with that. Also I may have put on a good front for everyone else, but I was in a frak load of pain. Since I was as far along as I was they hurried to get the anesthesiologist to me asap. Now when they were putting the hep-lock the nurse was actually having a hard time finding my vain. Sigh. So I ended up with a mice bruise from it. Oh well. Anyways, the epidural went well and started really working pretty quickly. So come at 8:15 I was checked again and was 8 cm. My water hadn’t broken yet, so the nurse tried to break it. Well that didn’t work but as she said that it didn’t work I had a contraction that broke my water. Well things just progressed from there. They emptied my bladder with a catheter (luckily didn’t have to keep one in since I was so far along. I ended up 10 cm dilated and I was having the feeling to push. I didn’t really have that feeling as much with Tara cause I kept having to do little boost on the epidural for the pain. Well it almost looked like the doctor from my obgyn office wasn’t going to make it. She did end up making it. I pushed through 2 contractions and was almost there. I took a break through one and then through the next contraction there she was. At 9:23am Norah joined us. She was huge. They got her to the scale and yep she was 9 lbs 13 oz. Almost a full pound more then Tara. Now as I mentioned I felt way more this time around, which was actually a great feeling. The epidural just cut the pain down. The odd part was delivering the placenta. I did not feeling it at all with Tara, but with Norah I did. It was a squishy feeling, especially after pushing out my big girl. Well Norah being as big as she is, yep I tore again. 2nd degree again too, so I had to wait to nurse Norah till I got stitched up. I was holding her though as soon as she was done being checked out.

So yes. That was my labor and delivery. Yes I was really only at the hospital 3 hours before Norah arrived. I will write a separate entry about my hospital stay later. But yes we are home and healthy.


Training pants

So for the first time today Tara tried wearing training pants. Now as hopefully you all know by now we have cloth diapered Tara. Well for a while she has not really cared to be changed. This got worse when she has a stint of constipation. Well today she had a big old poopy diaper and of course didn’t want to be changed. I finally got her cleaned up but she didn’t want a diaper put back on. So I ended up asking her if she wanted to wear underwear (which were really Gerber brand training pants). Well she agreed to that. After that I kept trying to see if she would sit on the potty. She kept saying no. Well eventually he ended up having an accident and peed in the training pants. Well she really did not like the feeling of that. She didn’t want to sit on the potty then. So she agreed fairly quickly to be changed. She wasn’t do sure about putting underwear on again, so we went for a diaper. But overall it was successful in her realizing she was wet and uncomfortable. So hopefully this is the start of getting her potty trained. I do need to pick up some more training pants, cause she only has 3 pairs. Don’t really want to be washing them every day.

Still pregnant

So my due date is just 5 days away. This is actually my adjusted due date from an early ultrasound. My original due date is only 2 days away. Anyways, so I am not so patiently waiting for this little girl to make her appearance.

Most things around the house are ready for #2. I have purchased infant sized prefolds and washed them 4 times (3 times with detergent and once without). Now for those that don’t know, with Tara we have used a diaper service. This time around I am going to try washing them myself. Now I have only used prefolds with the diaper service, so I have also picked up 2 pocket diapers on sale called katydids to try too. Nicely they are one size so if we like them we can use them for a nice long time.

Other then diapers I have also washed all of the 3 month clothes (Tara was one ounce shy of 9 lbs, so we never used newborn size). These are actually all put up and organized. Oh and since I am going to be washing cloth diapers I have also decided to try cloth wipes so they are washed too.

The bassinet is all setup too. This is new for us since Tara just slept in the bugaboo for the first 2 months and then moved to her crib.

The main thing I need to do is work on organizing my clothes so they aren’t all piled on the glider. As it is now, I can’t sit in that chair which is by far the easiest place to breastfeed in.

So yes, we are mostly ready for this little girl to join us. Now if she just would.

Little mommy

So Tara has been stealing the big bugaboo stroller for her baby doll. I finally went and pulled out of storage (ie Sam’s Mom’s garage) my old toy pram. Yes my parents actually kept my toy pram. So I cleaned it all up and Tara is having fun pushing around her baby doll oh and her stuffed Elmo too. Thank you mom and dad for not throwing/giving anything away (except my red wagon).


Oh and let’s not forget that I also pulled out the swing and bouncy sear for the baby on the way and she keeps putting her doll in them too.


My little doctor

So a few weeks before Tara’s second birthday I noticed she was trying to use different objects to be stethoscopes. She also kept wanting to check on me and i think her baby sister. So I had mentioned to my folks that maybe we he find her a little doctor’s kit. Well she really loves the doctor’s kit, but seems to have moved on from humans. Now she seems to want to pretend to be a veterinarian.

And yes that is even the blood pressure cuff on her doggy.