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Saturday morning cartoons is the best time to blog

So it has been awhile as usual. I’m sitting here with my daughter Tara watching Garfield. Got to teach them the classics when they are young right?

So I started my new job. That’s a relief. No more stress about finances for a little bit. I work for Ricoh. Yes that Ricoh that makes the printers and copiers. However I have nothing to do with those. I work with a team that makes and supports the
quanp service.

It’s a cool little product kind of like dropbox but different. I do the customer support for it so I learn something new and fun. Now the interesting this is that Ricoh is a Japanese corporation. So naturally my entire team is people who have lived in the US for as little as 3 months. So communications are some times interesting to say the least. Although I am getting free Japanese lessons so spiffy bonus. Well that and the guys putting on their medieval armor to go do battle. My first thought was “Gee they take company softball serious around here.”

In other news Katie and I are still looking to move within the bay area. With the new baby on the way we could use some more space. And something about nesting… We are still looking for baby names as well. The list so far includes, in no particular order

1. Audrey
2. Lacie
3. Karyn
4. Corina
5. Sabrena
6. Sarena
7. Biscuits

Okay so I added the last one just now. But hey, couldn’t be any worse then Pear or Apple or any of those other weird Hollywood names.

I think that about sums up what’s going on in my life. Oh and I’ve decided to finally try world of Warcraft. Wish me luck and if you don’t here from me in a month you know why.

Another day another random post

So I start my new job at ricoh on February 1st. I have to do a drug screen and pass my background check. Guess I shouldn’t tell them about the time…

So because of this the in laws decided to take Katie and I shopping for some new work clothes. Also since I gained a ton of weight having clothes that actually fit is nice for a change. And I can always buy a belt when I do lose weight. Of course Katie and Tara are tired from all the walking so I’m writing this post as they nap in the car as we wait to go to Rojoz for dinner.

We have been discussing moving a little farther south into bay area to find better rent. I mean how hard is it to find a 5 bedroom mansion for under $1000 a month? We don’t have that high of standards.

Other then that life just keeps moving on as they say. I’m hoping to start some night classes and I think Katie is looking forward to being a stay at home mom. So then we can move on to ” what are we going to do tonight brain? The same thing we do every night Pinky. Try to take over the world!”. Duh du dum. Du du du du du du du du doo. Da da da dum. Dum.

Just another life update

It has been awhile and I really do swear one day I will start blogging about something nifty… as soon as the world tells me what that is.

In the meantime I have turned 30 years old. And yes I feel old. There is something about this age in our society that reminds us we are no longer young and it seems in my case the many many many missed opportunities that I never took advantage of. I don’t think that it helps that I’m currently still unemployed which just points out all those “things to do by the time your thirty “ lists even more.

I finally got another interview with Apple, however it was a big convoluted mess with no reason for me being there, but that is a rant for another time. I have had several interviews with two other companies, Dropbox, and Say Media. Both are in San Francisco which would be a commute but it could be fun. It would mean more IT work under my belt so there is a silver lining.
In other work news I have continued to do some web work for Prestige, Inc. I am redoing the website this week and I just got them all setup on Facebook which is nifty.

Oh yeah Katie is pregnant again. Jr 2.0 is due sometime in April give or take.

Obligatory congratulations for knocking up my wife are welcome.

My world as of late

So I have spent the past week or so creating an inventory database for a local clothing store. Nothing like having to type in over 4000 descriptions of clothing designers styles and such.

Other then that life is going well I think. Jr who still has no name is due in about a month. We are slowly getting everything ready. Not much else other then to wish my brother Jack a happy birthday.