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A Mac experiment

So I got a used iBook G4 from my brother. I was curious to try out a bunch of the open source apps available for Mac. So I thought to my self why not try to replace as much as I could with open source apps.

The setup was as follows. I clean installed OS x 10.5 and then ran software updates to get them all.

The Applications folder was 1.08 GB as shown in the pic below

After removing Safari, iChat, Mail, iCal, and iTunes

I replaced them with Firefox, Adium, ThunderBird, SunBird and VLC

The new size of the Applications folder is now just over 800 MB

Needless to say I was impressed

And here is a side by side of the two docks before and after

I plan on doing a few more test like these including a Frankystien flash stripe thingy but that is for another time


This is gonna be so cool to be able to blog photos from my iPhone now.
Oh and I got to knock out part of a wall. All this in a days work on Sam’s vacation.