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Just another quick update on life.


Not the blog mind you but the house. Katie and I bought our first house and now live in Sunnyvale, CA.
It’s been a hectic month as we did the now common struggles to close on our house, pack, move with the two girls and of course there is work as well. But we are in our new place, almost out of our old place, and slowly but surely unpacking. I did manage to get the Internet hooked up on the second day so obviously I can stop doing things around the house for a month or so.

In work life we also moved. Well sort of anyways. My company Yammer was bought by Microsoft so that now makes me having been employed at Apple, Google, and Microsoft. I figure I toss in some Amazon or Facebook and I can call this industry conquered. It has been hectic with new boss, new procedures, and new culture but we are remaining a lot of the same as well so I think things are going to work out fine.

Thats all for me from now so stay tuned for next weeks episode on the same bat time and same bat channel.

You know its been awhile when there are over a dozen updates for your wordpress installation.

So how’s life you ask?

Well I am still working for Yammer. And it goes pretty good. Since this whole startup job is new to me, it certainly has been a learning experience. I have done a few interviews for new employees and I get the question a lot of “What is a typical day like?” or “What’s it like working for this company?”.  I always respond with the story of how I tore apart the CEO’s laptop on day 2 and haven’t stopped since.

So work goes well. I am getting tired of the 2 hour round trip commute but at least I got me the wifis so it gives me time to do this blog.

Katie and the girls are doing well. And the two little ones aren’t so little anymore. Between swim classes, preschool, dance starting soon, and just good old fashioned time; they are growing up fast. I still enjoy putting Tara down to bed every night as I get to read to her.

In other news I still haven’t managed to finagle an Xbox out of anyone. I think I have determined it is my new life goal to just acquire one through other means. I was annoyed with mine a few years back after it red ringed half a dozen times. I finally gave up on it, sold it and said I wasn’t going to buy another one. I know they have since fixed those issues, but since I wil hardly have time to play it anyways, I figure just having one magically appear with no cost to me would be better.

Oh and for those that know I finally finished ripping and tagging my entire dvd collection. I actually started this about 4 years ago as I have a lot of DVD’s. So that’s a big old FU to the MPAA. I bought them, I own them and I don’t care if it violates your precious copy protection laws. I wasn’t going to re buy everything in a lesser quality format just to please you anyways. The collection is almost 6 TB in total.

Now I need to go back and rerip my cd’s in full quality as opposed to AAC files. Yeah for more hard drives.

My Wife… the astronaut?

So a few months ago I was reading Gizmodo and they had this article that talked about how NASA was accepting applications for the new astronaut corp.  And I was thinking it was probably right when it said “Spoiler: you probably aren’t qualified.”

Then sure enough, a few hours later I get a message from my wife telling me she has applied to be an Astronaut.


See that there. That was my reaction too.

Then I actually took the time to read through the qualifications and requirements and it hit me. She is qualified. And then I though. my wife could be a freaking ASTRONAUT. How cool would that be? Granted it is a long difficult application process let alone training program and what have you but this would be so awesome. Talk about having the right stuff. She’s got a PHd. She has practical experience when it comes to experiments in space. (Having just recently completed some data analysis on samples that came back from in orbit.) She’s fun, smart, dedicated, and kind of goofy. So she would be a perfect modern day scientific geek hero.

I might be a little worried about her dropping a screwdriver or wrench while dangling on a rope a few miles above the earth. (assuming she actually went to space, as not all astronauts do. Not to mention the tools are magnetic for a reason) However I am totally up for her doing this and support her whole heartedly. Also it has the benefit of me never being asked to do the whole “Bring your parent to school day”

So congrats on applying Katie and I wish you godspeed for the first time and hopefully not the last.


Just a little life update

So it’s been awhile since I have posted on this blog. I have been writing articles for Daddytrend so that has kept me busy in terms of writing.

Still working at Yammer, which is awesome. The commute is terrible but that’s because I live in San jose which is about 40 miles from San Francisco. Katie and I are looking into moving closer up the peninsula but the housing market is terrible. We also can’t decide if we want to rent or buy since everything out here is so expensive but I’m sure we will find something that works out eventually.

So I have been bad with just about every goal of mine in the last few months, I haven’t written as much as I want. I still haven’t learned new career skills. I am still kind of fat. But Other then those little things I am happy in life. I love my wife who just celebrated her 30th birthday. (Happy Birthday Honey) We had an awsome trip to Disneyland. (Video to come later) and I ordered her one of those shiny new iPads since she loves gadgets. Well that and those children’s apps take a lot of space.

Did I mention we went to Germany for a conference for my wife’s work? Well I did. It was 48 hours of flying for 96 hours of being there so that was kind of hellish but it was fun. McDonalds over there is pretty much the same here. Except they don’t serve ice in the soda and offer mayo instead of ketchup for your fries. That’s weird…just saying. We were in Cologne and went to the Chocolate History Museum and we both enjoyed too many free samples.

I have these grandiose intentions of making a hammock out of VGA cables. Stay tuned for crazy home building project coming soon.

A Valentines Post on this blog…what could possible go wrong.

This is gonna get me laid.

Ok well probably not but one can hope. Yes it is that time of year when people shove each other and get in fights over silly looking flowers and pounds of sugar. (mmmm, suger)
And that’s alright. I was talking to a friend about it and got the now usual tale about how it’s such a made up holiday and you shouldn’t need an excuse to express your love for someone. Which is true…


I am now an old married guy. One who spends too much time on the train writing blog posts while going to his job. One who doesn’t get to spend nearly enough time with his wife. (or kids) And one who does actually appreciate a day on his calendar where he can remember to take that extra time and remind his wife about how much he loves her.
Remind her
about how beautiful she is
about how awesome a mother she ie
about how she can still make me feel all gitty as a school boy
about how cool she is for actually laughing at very terrible jokes.
about how she is wonderful for caring about me
and last but never in the least about how amazing she is as a person. (cough, astronaut, cough)

See what I did there (points up). Those be some good brownie points. ( you know, for geting laid)

So for a made up holiday I think I did pretty good. I bought her a gift of a teen chick flick about vampires. (and got dirty looks for buying it in the store) Will probably have to watch it with her too.
Got her some sugar.
Probably not going to get her flowers. Did take the kids for a weekend.

(I sooo should get laid for this…)

I love you Katie.

(sorry for all the getting liad references)

Big Hugs 😛

Once again a month goes by…

I was reading an article that says in order to be a successful blogger you should probably average about 1000 words a day. I think I get that in about a month. So successful I’m not but at least I am updating it. I am enjoying the new job and have met some wonderful people. The only downside is that I haven’t hung out with any old friends in a while. However since Bufalo Wild Wings has been gracious enough to open up a new restautrant in San Jose I can catch up with some old friends from and that will be fun. I also miss my babies whole bunches. As a stay at home dad I got to spend every moment almost with Tara during the first year. Because my commute adds almost an hour and a half each way I tend to just see them as I put them down to sleep and on the weekends. I miss them and my lovely wife whole bunches. Since we are considering buying a house in these parts (yes we know this is crazy) then hopefully I can shorten the commute and spend more time with them.

So the housing market is still very weird and up in the air in the SF Bay Area. You can find townhouse ( thats a fancy word for apartments ) for around $350k in not quite good neighborhoods. Or you can find million dollar homes that in all reality should not be worth that much. There is just so much fluctuation and variety right now that in some areas there can be as much as a $50-100k difference for between several city blocks. I am sure we might find something we really like at some point so for now we will keep looking and I might keep updating this blog. We will see which one happens first.

New Job, New Commute, and New Car

A whole lot of “news” for me this past month.

As mentioned earlier I had been laid off at Ricoh because of some restructuring there and was looking for a job. I liked that job a lot and was sad to see it go but I believe someone mentioned God closing a door and opening a window. I had done a lot of job hunting last year when I got laid off from Google so I was not looking forward to the prospect. Turns out I had a little luck with me this time around (and a whole lotta help) and I managed to find a great new job within a month. I now work for a company called Yammer. They do a social network enterprise app and so far it has been kind of cool. I got a shiny new 15′ MacBook Pro to work on and I take the train up to San Francisco. It’s kind of a pain due to the hour long commute meaning I need to get up at 6:00 AM but it’s been worth it so far. Also they are looking for a ton of programmers and engineers so you can check out their website for listings is you are interested. Pass it forward or pay it back, either way is good for me.

Speaking of the job. I get to commute by train every day now. A lot of interesting people ride the train. I have seen women in high heels riding Razor scooters, putting on makeup using their laptops webcam, and of course teeny boppers getting very excited and loud about going to a Taylor Swift concert. A few weird guys, including one getting tossed off the train for yelling at himself. And then there were the zombies. Literally a whole group of people dressed like zombies on a night when I had to stay at work late.

Now the other good news is that the job does pay a bit more then my last one so Katie and I can start saving some more. That will however be after we pay for the new car we just bought. She was driving a 88′ Mercury Tracer wagon that was doing alright but had some issues. One of the bigger ones being not really enough comfortable space for the whole family in it let alone giving someone else a ride. Now we can do all of that and my wife gets a car that has buttons in it. So I bought her a new 2011 Ford Escape so I can take the train to work. It makes sense, really it does. Oh and it’s bright lime neon green. You couldn’t lose this car even if you were looking from space.

Anniversary presents.

So I started the tradition when we first got married to actually attempt to find both a traditional and modern wedding anniversary presents for my wife. Of course the Internet being so full of wonderful information (sarcasm) has a few conflicting ideas as to what those gifts are. Some of the years are fairly consistent such as paper the first year. ( I bought her a comic book 😉

So this year we learned that the traditional gift was either copper or wool, and the modern interpretation of that is a desk set or something office related. Now my wife is a smart lady and has not only her BA degree in astrophysics but also a PhD in space and planetary science. But she never had her degrees framed so that was my gift to her this year for the desk set part. I tried to look for a diploma frame made out of copper only apparently they don’t exist. I thought about making one but then I realized I have no real skill when it comes to welding. So we found a nice cooper colored wood frame instead and I got those framed and will hang them eventually.

And then I bought her a outdoors clothes line dryer. Hey, it covers the wool part, and it’s romantic so shut up. I don’t want to hear anything about it. If you want to be helpful you can give me suggestions for next year