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Man cave makeover

So I decided awhile back to redo some of the downstairs office with some newer furniture to better use the space in the closet. I swapped desks, got some Ikea expidet shelves, wall mounted my monitor, oh and also bought a new Roland drum set and Yamaha PA. Because really my computer needed new speakers so hey why not. Before and after pics below…

Classes for the Girls

So I know I haven’t updated in forever, but I want to share some insight on classes I have signed the girls up for .  So for me I have always been big on getting the girls out and in classes.  I do this so that I don’t go crazy, but also so they get out and socialize and have fun too.  These classes have really helped my girls blossom.  I thought parents might be interested in the classes my girls have been involved in and when they started them.

My Gym:
I realized pretty early on with both girls that they are climbers.  They were both pretty early walkers so we got them into My Gym classes.  We loved My Gym because it was close to where we lived (when we started), great teachers, and a place where the girls could climb.  It also really helped there motor skills.  Lastly I find that it really has helped to get them to sit and listen and take instructions when need be.  Both girls started this fairly young. Tara was 9 months old and Norah was 4 months old.  With Norah she was free for the first few months because the youngest class is free except for the onetime membership fee which we had already paid with Tara (it is good for the whole family).  Tara has continued it until just this past month.  Norah still goes every week.  We have made some great friends from the class.  There are also classes available Saturday mornings, which when I worked full time was very important.

Music Together:
We started Music Together because Tara loved to dance around.  We also liked it because it was a class for both girls at once.   Specifically the classes around here have it that siblings under 8 months are free.  So we began when Norah was just 7 months.  Norah loved the class even more then Tara did.  We realized her love for music then.  Sadly we couldn’t afford to pay for both of them for the next session, so we only just got back into it today.  Norah is now almost 15 months, but she still loves it.  She had so much fun today dancing around and playing the instruments.  Tara has fun being there with her sister I think more then she likes the music.

Swim Lessons:
We began swim lessons late for Tara.  She had liked the pool when she was little then one day decided she didn’t like it.  So we had waited to start her on swim classes.  We only just started swim classes for her this past April at 3.  She was hesitant initially, but once we realized that a swim cap covering her ears to keep water out made a huge difference.  Now she is slowly getting into it.  Norah on the other hand we also began this past April at a year.  She is much more comfortable in the water and seems to think it is great fun.  Now if I could just get her to stop licking the water and blow bubbles that would help.

Dance Class:
Today we began Tara in dance class. It is a combination pre ballet and tap class.  It is actually taught by the mom of so people I went to school with and grew up down the street from.  This was because Tara has loved dancing around the house.  She loves to dance and I knew we needed to start something new since she was stopping My Gym (which was only because there wasn’t a good time for the next class for her).  Today she loved it.  We will see if that keeps up.

We started Tara in preschool at 2.5.  We had originally planned to not start her in preschool till age 3, but things kind of feel into place.  So I was getting on the listserv for the preschool I went to so I knew dates for the next school year.  I was curious to see if the preschool was still the way it had been when my folks sent me there.  Well there was an opening in the class for 2.5 and young 3s.  We decided to check it out and it really was the same.  We decided that Tara really did need to get out and socialize otherwise she was just home with Norah and I a lot.  So we went and checked it out.  It is still very play based which we loved.  The other thing that we love is the animals.  There are chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, lizards, etc. and they teach the children how to be really good with animals.  Again here Tara has blossomed.  We love the teachers and the other kids and parents.  Right now is summer break for Tara, but she did do a couple of weeks of summer classes before dance and music together started.

So yes, we do have the girls in a lot of different classes but we love it. We have this summer packed pretty busy, but normally we would not be doing this many activities at once.  We will see what the fall has planned for the girls.

3 years ago

This time 3 years ago Tara had just been rushed up to the special care nursery. Her breathing was labored. She wasn’t even a day old. Luckily he was fine and just had a stay in the special care nursery for a few days on a regime of antibiotics. Crazy to think that was 3 years ago now.

Yesterday we celebrated her 3rd birthday. She is a beautiful, healthy, smart girl. Oh and let’s not forget potty trained. So much has happened in these past 3 years and every day she makes me so proud to be her mom.

We also had her 3 year well child checkup today. She was so good. It was so different then her appointments of the past. She sat still while they took her blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and took her temperature orally. They also did a listening test and vision test. Being the too smart for her own good kid that she is, she didn’t want me to cover one of her eyes for the vision test. She kept trying to move my hand so she could see better. She even told me so. Oh well.

So happy belated birthday to my big girl. I love you.


Eventful week

So it really has been an eventful week. Today Norah is 11 months old, and 2 days ago she took her first steps. She has been cruising for a whole, but finally let go. She now just keeps trying it over and over again. Later I will post a video of some of her first steps.

Then there is my other big girl, Tara. Now her 3rd birthday is just about a week and a half away. We have tried on and off for a while to potty train, but I think something is actually clicking. The past few days she has only been wearing a diaper at night and has only had one accident in undies. Today she even went to go sit on the potty without me reminding her and went pee. Hopefully this keeps up and I will only have her in diapers at night. She actually stays dry all night but has a really big pee around breakfast time and we haven’t gotten her to use the potty for that one yet. She also wore diapers to preschool yesterday but didn’t pee until she got back to my folks house after school.

So I have 2 big girls at home.