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A month of Thankfulness – big old iPhone

I got my new iPhone 6 plus. Normally I’m not all that thankful for things and lord knows I hate tech from time to time. I do however appreciate all the utility a device like this has.

It allows me to photograph and record my kids lives. It allows me to write these posts. It allows me to stay in touch with family via full screen HD video.
It allows me to talk to my wife at work.

Tech breaks and is annoying and never quite behaves, but it does so many nice things as well that I am thankful for it.

Even if it is too big to fit in my pocket.

A Month of Thankfulness – Star Wars Special Edition Episode 42

Some nights I read to my girls and sing them songs.

Other nights we curl up on our bed and watch Star Wars the Clone Wars series. It’s a little dark for them probably but they like it. Especially when lightsabers come out and they start jumping around.

It’s a funny silly little night time tradition we do occasionally but it mixes up the routine and they do something different. I am amazed at how much Tara picks up on the themes of the show and what’s going on with the characters. It reminds me of watching the Batman animated series when I was a kid.

So I’m thankful I get to share these dramas with my children and watch them fill with playful wonder as they explore these stories.

A Month of Thankfulness – ???

Today I realized I am thankful for a good place to work. It has been surprisingly slow these last few days but it’s still good work. I like the people I work with. Well there is always an occasional office WTF moment but hey that’s life. We have fun there and the team is pretty darn cool. Plenty of sci fi jokes abound. I also like the flexibility to change my schedule as needed to be with the family. I like being able to contribute to actually solving problems.

I do like solving problems. I don’t know why but I do. I always wanted to create something new like a movie, game , comic or something but I think my mind is to analytical for that. Good to have dreams about something I suppose.

So I’m thankful for being able to work, being useful, and being able to support and take care of my family.

The cool toys didn’t hurt either 😉

A Month of Thankfulness – Zombie edition

Watching the walking dead curls up with the mrs., that’s a fun night. I just like how we have stability in our lives. It’s nice to be able to spend a night and recognize the simple things in life.

I’m also thankful my new iPhone finally shipped. Yeah for modern technology. I don’t always like fixing it all the time but I do appreciate all the convenience it can afford when used correctly.

A Month of Thankfulness – a little behind

So I had intended to do this everyday and then I switched web hosting companies. That was an ordeal.

Anywho, today I’m thankful for Popeyes biscuits. They are ridiculously unhealthy but they are good. And more importantly every time I suggest it to the girls, they light up with excitement over the idea of those biscuits with honey on them.
Katie is off doing ADPi stuff today so it’s been me and the girls (and Dan.)
We walked around Frys killing time but then went to Popeyes for lunch. It’s good every once and awhile and today it was just nice to have a lunch without fussing or picky eaters or anything.

So here is to popeyes butter biscuits.
May they forever clog my loved filled arteries.

A month of thankfulness

So it’s one day early but I’m thankful for being able to take a day off work. It was a slow day and I just thought it would be nice to spend the day at home. In this case the girls both had school Halloween events. 3 year olds in costume are adorable.
Afterwards we had a nice lunch of fish tacos and got to go visit grandma and the extended family. They are doing well and it was fun to just sit and visit.

So this begins a day early of a month of thankfulness. Here’s to a happy month. Starting with lots of candy. Lots and lots and lots of candy.


30 day challenge. Tech photos are done

So I finished my first 30 day challenge which was tech photos I’m not a photographer by any means but it was cool to see about how I looked at various examples of technology in my life. It really is all around us all the time and for better or worse it is here to stay. I do appreciate technology even if it does annoy me a lot of the time. It makes me wonder why I choose to work in a tech field repairing it all day.

It was a fun experience although sometimes a bit of a pain to force myself to do it. I hear so often about people doing these to try and jump start weight loss or life goals but for me it was much more about can I just do it and can I learn something new from it.

I will now seek out future 30 day challenges. Probably something involving cleaning the garage.
Any suggestions?