I have decided to try the client…and not just update web based

Ok…so I am trying this…and really hoping it works…well we shall see…Hmm what else…Oh yeah I just got back from lunch with my boytoy…always nice when he comes to visit me at work….Oh yeah…so after work I get to go to his place and play video games. I am not sure why (maybe because I am in a weird mood), but that sounds like a lot of fun….Especially because I have cramps…and it isnt comfy.


Ok…So I decided that today is a great day to blather…especially since i have cramps right now and really need to think of something else. First off, let us go off about what is on our mind right now *slap* get myself out of this third person speech…Ok…Well first of all a little background. I have been dating sam for over 2 years now….Wow isnt that scary. Anyways, he is a year and a half older than me…Always interesting. Now he followed me off to college…He was going to a local JC, and well when I applied for college, he applied to the same one. So now for the past year we have been off at college together. It has been great, but the whole idea now has moved to the future. We have been talking about the idea of marriage more and more. It has been established that I will not marry before I graduate college, but we started discussing saving money towards the future. Sam was discussing saving money for an engagement ring, and to add to that money for a wedding and then after that. It is kind of overwhelming to think about my future already. At the same time it isnt scary to think about being with him. I can picture being with Sam forever. Ok…well I think I shall stop blathering and get back to work for a while…yes I am at work right now, I work for sam’s dad….but that is a different story.

I am really bored and at work

Okie…so I am at work…and well I work as a research asisstant…so yeah I get to do a bunch of stuff with a really expensive machine…hehe…Ok…now what else…oh yeah so lets update about my life…I am 19 right now…I have been dating the same guy for the past two years…scary huh? Yeah so his name is Sam…umm….well I dont know what else really to write right this second…so it shall have to wait.

"i before e except after c, or in the word weird, well because it's weird"