Well I started blogging forever ago… My first blog entries go back to July of 2001… It is crazy to think I have been posting that long but I have.  A lot has changed in that amount of time.  When I started I was on summer break from college working as a research assistant through SETI.  I had also been dating the same guy since 1999.  Well since then I have received my BS in Physics and Astronomy and then my PhD in Space and Planetary Sciences.  I also ended up marrying that guy, and this year (2009) we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary.  Other things have changed too, in March 2009, we had our beautiful little girl, Tara.  Of course to put things in perspective I was very pregnant when I defended my dissertation for my PhD and moved home to the bay area, CA just after it.  Neither my husband or myself had a job lined up, so we moved in with my mother-in-law.  Well with some luck I did end up getting a PostDoc position and began happily working at NASA.  Now I am due any day to have our second child.  I will be staying home with our 2 girls except for a day or 2 a week where I will be continuing my research at NASA.  So my posts of this blog deal with being a mother, a wife, a research scientist and just me.

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