Birthday weekend

So a happy birthday to me. I celebrated my birthday this past weekend. I went to dinner with a bunch of friends of mine. Good pasta. Then we came home and played a few games of Starcraft. I have never played an eight player game so I thought it would be fun to try it. Aside from all the whining and moaning it was fun and something new. I am beginning to learn that something new is a very important thing to have as you get older. 

 I am now 28. Ten years after graduating high school and here’s where I stand. I am married, I have a child on the way. I still don’t have a direction towards a career. And I spend way too much time just being lay and goofing off. I did however start biking to work on a regular basis and have lost about 20 pounds since i started. The first bike i bought was a Wal-Mart special and broke in a month. I bot a new GT Outpost which works a lot better. BTW for bikes in Fayetteville, AR I highly recommend Lewis and Clark Outfitters. Nicest bunch of people I have ever met, and excellent retail business. And believe me I am not easy to impress. 

  An update on the whole hackintosh thing. It failed. I managed o get 10.4.8 installed on a pentium 4 but could never get the ethernet to work. I got 10.5 installed once but it would always crash during the setup part. Needless to say i have given up. My friend John bought a machine in order to hack it and he has done it well. Of course he got online and ordered very specific parts that all have existing drivers. Since then we got a Mac mini for the home theater and it works very well. Nothing like playing NES emulators and Mario on an 80 inch projector. 

  I also swapped out the pc for a different one. I gave it to dan so he can play C and C 3. I tried the whole uBuntu linux thing and there is a reason why linux will not become mainstream anytime soon. Download package to format disks, download package to partition disks, etc etc. Very annoying. I put windows on it for now but then again Katie the wife got me a 1 TB drive for the network so I can finish ripping the movie collection. I am currently up to about 2.6 TB of media. Now if iTunes could only come up with a better interface for selecting which movies to put on the iPhone. 

Well that is about it for now. I will try to get some pics up at sometime if I ever get around to it.

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