Mac Media Event Afterthoughts

Well what can I say… I was wrong on a bunch of stuff. But not completely.

The 11 and 13 inch MacBook Airs didn’t kill the MacBook line. But they are going too. Most folks are already predicting huge sales os the new machines and Steve JObs on stage even said this is Apple’s vision of the way Laptops are going. The fact that they don’t come with 4 GB of ram standard is kind of silly but ah well.

They finally brought back the timeline editing in iLife 11. That is about the only reason I would consider upgrading to it. However I will have to wait and see if they ever release the new version of Final Cut which is supposed to be “simpler.”

Other then that it was rather a disappointing event. It seemed more like a Beta event in the fact that everything they announced was either have finished, not very well thought out, or a this will be better later on. Of course since this is Apple I’m sure they will sell boat loads of new laptops and everyone will be very excited and speculative for the next 10 months or so.