Just another life update

It has been awhile and I really do swear one day I will start blogging about something nifty… as soon as the world tells me what that is.

In the meantime I have turned 30 years old. And yes I feel old. There is something about this age in our society that reminds us we are no longer young and it seems in my case the many many many missed opportunities that I never took advantage of. I don’t think that it helps that I’m currently still unemployed which just points out all those “things to do by the time your thirty “ lists even more.

I finally got another interview with Apple, however it was a big convoluted mess with no reason for me being there, but that is a rant for another time. I have had several interviews with two other companies, Dropbox, and Say Media. Both are in San Francisco which would be a commute but it could be fun. It would mean more IT work under my belt so there is a silver lining.
In other work news I have continued to do some web work for Prestige, Inc. I am redoing the website this week and I just got them all setup on Facebook which is nifty.

Oh yeah Katie is pregnant again. Jr 2.0 is due sometime in April give or take.

Obligatory congratulations for knocking up my wife are welcome.

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