Well I was a quarter right

So about those Apple Media Predictions, I was wrong. I realize I started to think more about what I believe Apple should be doing with their product lines as opposed to what they will be doing.
I sent a email to Steve Jobs about how disappointed I was in the new iPods so we shall see if he responds but then again I’m not the CEO so…
Here is the email I wrote in case anyone was interested. I am more curios to see if he responds then anything else.

“To Mr Steve Jobs and Apple, Inc.

        Thinner and lighter isn’t always better. At the September 1st media event you introduced a new iPod touch. You made it with a rear camera, a front facing camera for video chat, the A4 chip, and the retina display. And of course as always, you made it thinner and lighter.

        However nobody I know or have read about online said they wanted a thinner and lighter iPod touch. Customers have said what they wanted, in no particular order would be, more battery, more storage, a batter rear camera for stills, LED flash, vibration motor, GPS unit, and more. I am willing to bet that it would mean increasing the thickness of the iPod by a millimeter or even two as opposed to reducing it by a millimeter, then most people would be more then happy for the tradeoff.

        I do understand these feature would increase the cost of the unit, but I believe decreasing the size of the unit also comes with a cost. That of forcing your company to create an inferior product that doesn’t live up to Apple’s standards for innovating and pushing the envelope in terms of design and quality products.

        I would recommend instead that if you want a lower cost of entry to the iPod line that you keep the current generation of iPod touch as it was and reduce it’s sell price on the entry model and then sell a newer iPod touch at a higher price, mush like you have done in the past and as you do with the iPhones. I believe this would also have been better then introducing a rather unusual new iPod nano that is both a upgrade, and downgrade at the same time. Instead you could have made a higher quality iPod music only device and got rid of the shuffle and nano altogether.

        I suspect you will in fact be doing most of this next year or even the year after that. I suppose what really bothers me about it is that it seems Apple has grown comfortable dominating the portable media / handheld computer market and doesn’t feel the need to push itself or it’s designs to make them better. By better I don’t mean thinner and lighter.

Sam Bryson”