Apple Media Event Predictions

So I know I’m kind of an Apple guy but hey, speculation is fun.

In a post just a bit ago I described how I though Apple would make the Apply TV just an App for the iOS and pair it with a new specialized docking station.  I’m sticking by this. I’m not really sure when they would do it but it still makes the most sense to me. It occurs to me this would also be a great way to showcase developing the iOS devices into other functions with the use of the dock connector and the appropriate programs

Now on to the wild guesses.

Apple will kill the entire iPod line as it stands. Instead the iPod Touch will now be known as simply the iPod. The new device with the small little touch screen will be a whole new class of device called the iPod Music. It will effectively combine the Shuffle and the Nano and retail for probably 79 dollars and of course come in 5 fruity colors.

Yes the new iPods ( ie the iPod touches ) will have retina displays and cameras and do facetime but only on the higher two models. The cheaper model will be as it is and drop to 149. Therefore making the higher end models with camera 249 and 349 respectively.

I would like to see them further this new branding by getting rid of the iPod App on the iOS and combining it with the iTunes Store App, and simply calling it iTunes for iOS. This makes sense because the iBooks app is both reader and store together so why not have the iTunes app be like it’s desktop counterpart and have iTunes both play and buy music and movies.

The Social iTunes cloud thingy. Well I’m not to sure on this one. Yes Apple obviously will do cloud streaming of content you bought to whatever device you want, for a price that is. I think it is interesting how we would come full circle of Apple basically doing what Microsoft has done in the past with the Zune Subscription pass and then pay to own it on top of it. But this is not a new concept. I think the only differences would be that you can use your preexisting library of media. I would really like to see apple buy Shazaam and incorporate that into iTunes for iOS as well but thats just wishful thinking.

What I would want/ like to see is if Apple is going to make a push into the social scene then let them start it on the Mac first. Rebrand Mobile me as just me and let the basic service be free. You can charge for premium features for more space, no ads, and what not. But I think a real tight integration with the iLife Suite. I mean if Apple is going to distinguish itself in terms of the social network space do it by really making yourself a content publisher.  Then of course have publishing to you ‘Me” account direct from your iOS device and all is well.

So that about covers it for now and next weeks predictions.

Recap – New iPods, new Apple TV App plus special dock, Streaming cloud iTunes with a subscription price.

Wishful thinking – new social network based off publishing content to your free “Me” account

Oh and of course the iPad will finally get iOS 4

Which means the new lineup will be the cheap stripped down iPod Music, then simply the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad.