The great job hunt of 2010

I have applied for somewhere over 300 jobs in the past few months. This is because my contract at Google is ending in a few weeks. I am going to miss the free food. However I am not sure I am going to miss the work. I have never tried IT work at a corporate environment before and this was my first stint. Not bad and probably not the most accurate example of what corporate IT work is like but who knows.

If I had my dream job it would be to be the “idea guy” I love problem solving and like to think things through to their multiple possible conclusions. I would suspect that a think tank or maybe a R&D department would be great. However I think most of these types of jobs are engineering based and require a degree in such. In the mean time I will just continue to think my ideas and see if anyone else comes up with them same thoughts. After all Fools think alike, Geniuses think along the same lines.

And now back to Starcraft 2.