It’s been awhile

Ok so I know I have been bad about updating since my last real update was 5 months ago. And I thought I was being bad with the really long half month post. So what’s new you ask?

My daughter Tara turned 1.

I started two classes at foothill community college – indoor soccer and intro to computer science.

I got a job working for Astreya doing tech support at Google.

My wife Katie and I just signed a new lease on a apartment in Mt. View.

I appearently developed a case of Gout which hurts like hell and affects 1% of the population in the U.S.

We finally installed all the new light fixtures in my moms house. Including new track lighting in the living room.

I was going to start biking to work but then there is that whole gout thing. That’s on hold…

And I’m sure I forgot a thing or three dozen but it couldn’t possibly have been that important. I’ll post a bunch of baby pics and videos here in awhile. A short while I promise. 😉