I think I’ve used random for a title like 500 times in this blog.
Anywho, I am recording old home movies onto the computer so I can embarrass my siblings and nieces and nephews. Currently doing my niece Elizabeths 2nd birthday cake chomping adventures. So I’ll be taking request for videos and or bribes to prevent videos from going on facebook and youtube.

Other then that life is going well. Tara is still being a growing baby who has recently learned to gum up “solids” quite well. Katie is busy doing the whole NASA scientist bit quite well it seems. We are planning a trip to Las Vegas and Arkansas back to back for to weddings which should be quite busy but after that we are done with travel for a long time. I hate flying, it is jut so annoying.

On a personal note I am attempting for the 4th time to actually play and finish Warcraft 3 and it’s expansion. I always get part way through and then get stuck or busy or something. I mean I’ve only had the game for several years now so I’m bound to finish it within a decade.

Now back to your regular scheduled program