Donuts never cost this much before…

So last month I mentioned I went to go get donuts and ended up buying a new iPhone 3GS for the mrs and me. Well this past weekend I went to go get donuts and we decided to buy a new car. Although I did save 2 dollars at the donut shop because I bought a dozen so I guess it all evens out in the end.

We will miss the old truck. I’ll miss it’s really cool old school Apple logo sticker. (The rainbow one) I’ll miss the Stella causing mildew smell. I won’t really miss helping people haul all their crap in it. I will miss having bunches of hot chicks riding in my bed.  So 92,000 miles, and 9 years later we bid fond farewell…

… To the Cash for Clunkers program which went towards a 2009 Nissan Versa. It’s a peppy little car but more importantly; tax, title, and doc went out the door for about six grand. I even installed the new stereo, amp, and subs all by myself  since my brother Ed taught me how. And he’ll be so proud, not even a hint of ground noise.

Other then that life goes and goes and goes. I’m still being a full time dad due to lack of decent employment. But at least I get to watch her grow up, which while theoretically entertaining is about as exciting as watching grass grow. At least for now, I hear it gets better as they get older.

Ran into my old friend Jen. She makes a living selling t-shirts. ( I was thinking of maybe selling custom painted computer cases. It worked well for the laptops in the past so hey why not. I think I just have too much of the Pimp My Ride mentality after buying the new car and visiting Jen at the street fair. But hey a little inspiration never hurt anyone did it?

Well that about wraps up this month, I can always continue to hope that someday I will update this more then once a month but who knows.

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