Sheesh People

Okay so yes yes yes we all know Apple will be updating the MacBooks and possible the MacBook Pros at the end of September, early October. Why do we know this you ask? here’s why. 

1. They wont update laptops during the middle of the back to school promotion. Can you imagine a bunch of people who just bought a new laptop, filled out a bunch of rebates only to find a new model out the next day. 

2. By waiting a full two weeks after the back to school promo they won’t have to honor any of the 14 day return policies unless you intend to pay a restocking fee. This isn’t evil actually just a practical way of doing business. 

3. Being a part of a channel partner, we were told to stock up to allow for sales for the next 6-8 weeks. DO the math and that is the end of September. Also this would allow for apple to introduce the holiday line and not need to worry about it until Macworld. 

4. I Also expect the iPods to be discontinued at the same media event and they will discount the iPod touch and rebrand it as a ultra mobile laptop. I mean why not, it does almost as much if not more then some of those “netbooks” we see cropping up all of the place. 

Now on to these pictures floating around about the new aluminum case. Of course they will use aluminum eventually but these here are fakes. Wanna know why?

Well as you can see by the pics this lid would use a two hinge design. Apple abandoned the two hinge design after the Titanium PowerBook G4 because they were considered too structurally weak. Im amazed no one else seems to notice this…