3 years ago

This time 3 years ago Tara had just been rushed up to the special care nursery. Her breathing was labored. She wasn’t even a day old. Luckily he was fine and just had a stay in the special care nursery for a few days on a regime of antibiotics. Crazy to think that was 3 years ago now.

Yesterday we celebrated her 3rd birthday. She is a beautiful, healthy, smart girl. Oh and let’s not forget potty trained. So much has happened in these past 3 years and every day she makes me so proud to be her mom.

We also had her 3 year well child checkup today. She was so good. It was so different then her appointments of the past. She sat still while they took her blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and took her temperature orally. They also did a listening test and vision test. Being the too smart for her own good kid that she is, she didn’t want me to cover one of her eyes for the vision test. She kept trying to move my hand so she could see better. She even told me so. Oh well.

So happy belated birthday to my big girl. I love you.


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