Eventful week

So it really has been an eventful week. Today Norah is 11 months old, and 2 days ago she took her first steps. She has been cruising for a whole, but finally let go. She now just keeps trying it over and over again. Later I will post a video of some of her first steps.

Then there is my other big girl, Tara. Now her 3rd birthday is just about a week and a half away. We have tried on and off for a while to potty train, but I think something is actually clicking. The past few days she has only been wearing a diaper at night and has only had one accident in undies. Today she even went to go sit on the potty without me reminding her and went pee. Hopefully this keeps up and I will only have her in diapers at night. She actually stays dry all night but has a really big pee around breakfast time and we haven’t gotten her to use the potty for that one yet. She also wore diapers to preschool yesterday but didn’t pee until she got back to my folks house after school.

So I have 2 big girls at home.

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