Just a little life update

So it’s been awhile since I have posted on this blog. I have been writing articles for Daddytrend so that has kept me busy in terms of writing.

Still working at Yammer, which is awesome. The commute is terrible but that’s because I live in San jose which is about 40 miles from San Francisco. Katie and I are looking into moving closer up the¬†peninsula but the housing market is terrible. We also can’t decide if we want to rent or buy since everything out here is so expensive but I’m sure we will find something that works out eventually.

So I have been bad with just about every goal of mine in the last few months, I haven’t written as much as I want. I still haven’t learned new career skills. I am still kind of fat. But Other then those little things I am happy in life. I love my wife who just celebrated her 30th birthday. (Happy Birthday Honey) We had an awsome trip to Disneyland. (Video to come later) and I ordered her one of those shiny new iPads since she loves gadgets. Well that and those children’s apps take a lot of space.

Did I mention we went to Germany for a conference for my wife’s work? Well I did. It was 48 hours of flying for 96 hours of being there so that was kind of hellish but it was fun. McDonalds over there is pretty much the same here. Except they don’t serve ice in the soda and offer mayo instead of ketchup for your fries. That’s weird…just saying. We were in Cologne and went to the Chocolate History Museum and we both enjoyed too many free samples.

I have these grandiose intentions of making a hammock out of VGA cables. Stay tuned for crazy home building project coming soon.

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