Even The Most Devoted Baby Food Making Moms Experience Burnout

Ok, so I stole the title for this post, but I modified it a bit. Recently Kelly Wels posted about how Even The Most Devoted Cloth Diaper Moms Experience Burnout.  Now I have to agree with her that when it comes to cloth diapering, no matter what at some point you will consider using disposables.  I will be honest that I use disposables when we travel.  None of our trips have ever left us with easy access to a washing machine.  I will also admit that I have used some in between when I was a bit late in doing diaper laundry.  So yes it happens, but I do cloth diaper most of the time.

But that isn’t what this post is really about.  This time around it is about making baby food.  With Tara I made all her baby food.  She never had a bite of jarred baby food.  Even when we traveled I brought food or made it there. This time around I have finally slipped.  So Norah had a really bad cold and her appetite dropped.  Then just as she was getting better she got another bug that kept her appetite down.  Nicely she was nursing still really well, but she wasn’t wanting to eat much in solids.  Since she wasn’t eating much, I wasn’t replenishing my stash in the freezer of lovely purees.  Well she finally is back to eating and well, I was pretty much out of baby food and had no time to make any.  So I sent Sam out to get a couple of jars to make it for the next day.

Well, then there is our upcoming trip.  We are leaving in 9 days for Germany.  Traveling internationally we will be using jarred baby food.  I have given into that decision, since we won’t have access to a kitchen to make anything while we are there, and well I just can’t easily travel with that much homemade food.  Now through research (i.e. my online Mommy Group), I have figured out a good brand of food to buy while we are there (Hipp baby food).  It is organic, has fairly normal sounding combinations of food, and is available in markets not far from our hotel.  Oh and thank you google translator for letting me understand all that is on the website.

But there is still 9 days before we leave.  I will be honest that I have given in and bought jarred food for this time.  Between needing to prepare for my talk in Germany (yes this trip is actually for work), packing for Germany, oh yeah and taking care of the girls, I don’t have a lot of free time this week.  So yes, I am experiencing some baby food making burnout.  I do plan to continue my baby food making when we return.  The cost alone is a big incentive, but it is just nice to know that I know just what is going into my daughter at this early time in her life.

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