Tiny Prints Holiday Cards

Ok, so I have talked in past about other card companies, but today I am checking out Tiny Prints Holiday Cards.  Now the first difference I have noticed about Tiny Prints is that they offer Round Cards.  I have not seen these on any other site, and they have some cute designs for it.They are little ornaments. Another different style they have are their flip cards.  These seem to add some fun dimension to the cards.  The only thing I noticed is that many of them seem to have very light color schemes, which really isn’t me.  But I did find one that I like.

Now another type they have that I really like are their trifolds. I have seen other sites with these types of cards, but I they do just have some great designs for them. I like the trifold type design  if you have a lot of pictures you want to share.  You can also easily share a year of pictures with the trifold design.

Now which one I am going to pick, I am not so sure yet.  We are actually taking some family pictures today, so hopefully based on our pics it will be easy to pick which card we want.  For those curious, I am writing this with the hopes of getting some free cards to try out.  Once I get the cards I will give you a heads up of how much I like or don’t like the cards in person, but I am liking the designs to choose from.

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