So Sam did not get the lawn mowed today… instead

So Sam was supposed to mow the lawn today, but that didn’t happen.  I mentioned previously that we had been thinking of getting a new car, but we hadn’t yet.  Well today that changed.  We bought a 2011 Ford Escape XLS.


Yes the car really is that green, but I love it.  The car is bigger then my station wagon.  It has AC, power windows, and power locks.. What more can a girl ask for.  I really am excited… Oh and for those interested, it is actually a Manual transmission…  I really do prefer to drive a manual transmission over an automatic.  I realized that I just don’t like how much you have to break when you drive an automatic.  Anyways, so yes we now have a car that fits or family a bit better and isn’t leaking oil like mad…  Now to sell off the oil leaking car.

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