And so begins the great job hunt of 2011

I currently work for Ricoh Americas. The team I work for there works for Ricoh Ltd. The budget was cut and they are all going back to Japan. This leaves me and one other worker scrambling to find some new jobs. I am looking throughout the company and outside it as well.

Katie and I have decided that we would like to move from the SF Bay Area. The simple fact is that it would take 10 years to afford a down payment on a 3 bedroom 1200 sf 60 year old house here. By contrast living in a state like Georgia or Virginia you can find 5 bedroom 4000 sf 10 year old homes that we could mortgage today.

I have a few leads both here and around the country and I’ll keep you posted as to where we end up. With a little luck I can stay with the company and be transferred somewhere. I don’t look forward to the actual moving part but hey whatever works out best for the family.

On a random side note. Typing in landscape mode on the iPhone is actually pretty fast.

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