Line drying really does whiten cloth diapers

I have mentioned it many times before but as a reminder again, we cloth diaper. Now up until Norah’s birth we used a diaper service. This meant that we weren’t washing diaper. Well we had moved into a place with a washer and dryer all to ourselves and were going to be diapering 2 kids, so we stopped using the diaper service and bought our own. Many different suggestions are out there for the best way to wash the diapers. I personally do a cold rise, hot wash with Dropps Baby Laundry Detergent, and 2 cold rises (sometimes instead of the cold rise I will do a full wash cold). Well this left the diapers clean, but there were some stains. Now how to get out stains there seems to be no discussion. Everyone says to hang dry the diapers in the sun. This always seems to be the consensus, but I have never seen actual proof of this myself.

Now for our wedding anniversary my dear husband got me an outdoor dryer (i.e. one of those umbrella style clotheslines). Yes I am actually very excited about this, cause I can finally try to get those darn stains out of the diapers. So today I have proof that the sun really is the best stain remover. Well as I mentioned I had never seen proof, so I thought I would share my proof.



The diaper on the left (Fuzzibunz perfect size) came out nice and clean. The one on the right (oh katy!) is still a bit stained, but I wonder if the next time it gets hung dry will get out the rest of the stain. I will have to wait and see.



These are the Diaper Service Quality prefolds I use, and the sun really bleached these. These hang nice and flat so I think that helped a lot.

So yes, overall I am very very pleased with hang drying the diapers. They are much much stiffer then having been in the dryer, but hopefully that doesn’t end up being a pain. I have heard the suggestion of throwing the diapers in the dryer for a few minutes to soften them up. I am hoping not to have to do this, but we shall see.

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  1. I find that if I don’t tumble mine in the drier for a few minutes ever 2nd or 3rd time I wash them they get so stiff that the boys don’t really like to wear them . . . I wonder if there is a in-wash fabric softener that would solve this problem and not damage the absorbancy?

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