3 months

3 months ago today Norah was born. I can’t believe she is a quarter of a year old. Time just goes by so fast. I am lucky and at least for now she sleeps through the night. Now I am not talking about textbook sleeps through the night which is only 6 to 8 hours. I am talking from 8pm to 7am (11 hours). Sometimes she even goes down earlier then that. Of course some days we are up at 6am instead of 7, but that is much better then middle of the night feedings. Of course as a result of this she doesn’t want to nap all that much in the day.

Other then that she is just one big girl (almost done with the 3-6 month clothes). Oh and she drools a whole lot. Tara did not drool that much, while Norah will soak clothes if she isn’t wearing a bib.


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